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Minecraft 1.11.2      Requirements: Forge

Horizontal Glass Panes is a simple but effective mod if all you’ve ever wanted from glass panes in Minecraft is to place them horizontally. Now you can utilize glass above or below you in a much more elegant way than simply using glass blocks.

You can create glass bottom walkways as well.

And you can use any color as well by just using the same recipe with colored glass panes.

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Minecraft 1.11.2   Requirements: Forge

The Apple Trees mod is a simple mod to gain the ability to grow and harvest apples, quickly and easily. All you need to do is combine a sapling with an apple and you’ll have no trouble farming apple trees in no time.

The apples will take some time to grow but when they do, you’ll know by how gigantic the fruit has become.

The apples will grow with bonemeal so you won’t have to wait too long for a fresh bushel if you happen to have some lying around.

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Minecraft 1.11.2    Requirements: Forge

Mob Mash adds a bevy of mobs to make your Minecraft life much more intense. Not all of these mobs are inherently violent but they do all add a bit more excitement to your world and some will make it outright terrifying. To start things off we have the Mothman, a New Jersey Legend now able to glare its bright red eyes when you least suspect it. He’s very fast and will try to blind you so be sure to act quickly.

The Slagmite is similar to silverfish but instead of hiding in blocks, it roams free in caves. What makes them different from silverfish is that they can combine with each other to form gigantic slagmites.

The Sandworm can be found in deserts and while it does bite, it’s relatively harmless considering they are easily slain. But what you will need to be wary of are the sinkholes they can create along your travels.

The Chupacabra is another urban legend making its way into Minecraft. It will mostly only attack animals but if attacked it hits you with a “leech hit”, sucking life from you to gain health back. So be careful and take care of these quick lest they heal up fully and begin attacking again.

And Pirates are pillaging their way to a village near you. They will go to great lengths stealing your various treasures and when they are killed in water, all the treasure they’ve collected will drop into a chest and sink to the bottom of the ocean. So with that you now have buried treasure to seek out!

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Minecraft 1.11.2   Requirements: Forge

Floricraft adds a slew of new flowers and floral effects. You can now stack flowers together and hang them along the walls.

You can also craft a full cloth armor set that grants speed II when wearing a full set.

And if you craft a sachet you can use it to repel various mobs while holding it. You can also carry a sachet holder to hold multiple sachets at once.

Silage bales of hay are also very useful in taking care of livestock. If you place them in a pen, it will cause animals to reproduce automatically.

And what would make a floral-based mod complete without a flowerland filled with roses?

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Minecraft 1.11.2    Requirements: Forge

Mowzie’s mobs adds four new enemies to Minecraft to make your game significantly more difficult. If you happen to be exploring a jungle, you may come across Foliaaths. They are vicious plant creatures that will attack if you get too close. And they do quite a bit of damage so be very cautious when approaching. Use arrows to fight back if you choose to do so.

You may come across a dungeon-like structure underground. If you make your way in, be prepared for a tough fight ahead. The structure is guarded by the Ferrous Wroughtnaut and it will attack on sight. Attacks from the front will do no damage and you’ll have to find a weak spot in order to make it out alive.

Be wary when traversing the Savannahas well as you may come across a Barakoa village. It’s full of tribesman that hunt in packs and shoot poison darts. And they are very fast.

And be extra cautious if you get past the tribesman to the Sun Chief. He uses the power of the sun to call down strikes on enemies so be prepared for an attack and arm yourself accordingly.

Most of these enemies have rare and unique drops so there is at least some incentive to seek them out but approach with caution. This mod does require an additional API found here.

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