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Minecraft 1.11.2    Requirements: Forge

Cloneland provides an exact copy of your current world in a whole new dimension. It requires a very expensive Cloneland Teleporter and it will instantly transport you to the other world with one click. This will slowly damage the item so be aware of its limits.

There’s something very helpful in having the ability to switch between two worlds instantly. In essence, you have twice the items available to you at any given time. If you’re ready to harvest your crops you can do so in the Overworld and then jump to the Cloneland for a second yield.

If you happen upon any ores, especially diamonds, then just mine those and head on over to Cloneland for double the items!

And if you’re in a sticky situation like you’ve turned a corner to a room full of angry mobs, just click the teleporter and be instantly removed from the situation.

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Minecraft 1.11.2   Requirements: Forge

Quality tools gives you better uses from tools and weapons in Minecraft. It randomizes the quality whether you find them or forge them and each ranges from awful to incredible in terms of durability and strength.

If you hover over the items you’ll get a brief description of its new abilities. You could gain an increase in attack and dig speed. Or you could have an increase in attack damage but a decrease in dig speed.

You could have significant attack damage with tools not normally used as weapons as well as an increase or decrease in the tool’s reach.

And you could even strike a series of bad luck with broken or worthless tools that offer no good benefits and are better off thrown away.

But don’t fret just yet. With the reforging station you can simply repair and improve those tools using the same items they were crafted with.

This mod does require an additional API found here.

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Minecraft 1.11.2   Requirements: Forge

Ex Sartagine adds new ways for cooking and smelting in Minecraft. It adds a frying pan, cooking pot, and smelter to make cooking/smelting that much faster. If you have a furnace already burning coal then add one of these to the top and gain additional yields from the heat.

The frying pan is a quick way to make cooked food by simply placing it on top of an operating furnace. Just add in beef or chicken and your food is cooked in no time.

The cooking pot will boil eggs and potatoes in record time. Again, all it needs is a burning furnace and some water in the pot. Then add the eggs or potatoes and wait (not for long) for your food.

The smelter will smelt down ores quicker and more efficiently than standard furnaces. Plus for every 2 ores smelted, and extra ingot will yield. This means a full stack of ore will smelt significantly faster than traditional methods.

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Minecraft 1.11.2     Requirements: Forge

Nature’s Compass allows you to find a biome’s location with info about it appearing right on your screen. It functions similar to a regular compass except that it locates a designated biome instead.

When you right-click while holding the compass you’ll bring up the selection GUI to pick which biome you want it to find. You can also use this menu to see additional information about any particular biome.

And once you have your biome selected, it’s time to set out to find it. The coordinates are listed on your screen as well as the distance away from it so you’ll have no trouble at all heading in the right direction. Just keep walking in the direction in which the distance number is decreasing.

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Minecraft 1.11.2   Requirements: Forge

With Levels 2 you can increase the usefulness of your weapons. Over time as you use your weapons they will gain experience and increase in durability. When you craft or find a weapon for the first time it’ll be assigned a random rarity that you can expand upon throughout ownership.

When your experience gets to be high enough your weapons will level up and you can add new abilities along the way. You’ll get Ability Tokens over time that you can use to buy those abilities and apply them to the weapons.


You’ll even see a level status above an enemy as you get closer to them. This will determine their strength and also how much experience you’ll gain by killing different leveled mobs.

Armor also gets an upgrade with this mod as you can gain experience with your sets and level them up along with your weapons.

This mod adds a whole new element to weapon usage in Minecraft and makes using them a much more enjoyable experience. Instead of constantly destroying weapons over time, you can now improve the ones you craft or find along the way.

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