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Change the engine sound, Kriechbaum
Adaptation under 1.28 version

JAWA, Stas556, Smith, dmitry68, Myshanka, Kriechbaum, Knox_xss

Peterbilt_351.rar – 63.64 MB

posted 5 days ago in Trucks by fs17eu (8,001 points)
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-Standalone for 1.27.2.xx
-10 trailer Skin
-Ai traffic
-Advanced coupling
– Liftaxles
– Every Trailer with Personal Loads 25 Ton.

Rommi Tz – Jazzycat – Daniel77

Silo_Feldbinder_KIP_Skin_Pack_V2.scs – 37.5 MB

posted 5 days ago in Trailers by fs17eu (8,001 points)
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Updated road signs
Added Chinese state number
The Hainan Island is built and the motorway that connects island settlements with the mainland
Game version: 1.27,1.28


taiwan-map-024.7z – 823.8 MB

posted 5 days ago in Others by fs17eu (8,001 points)
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Sharing is unquestionably forbidden.
Game Version: 1.27
Evoked by the sound of a pneumatic horn
Applies to all attractors
For the use of the horn, take the service and press ‘N’
Skin Setup, Download Linkten File and open it to my documents / Euro Truck Simulator / Mod folder

Çılgın Bilader

haval___korna_paketi.scs – 2.2 MB

posted 5 days ago in Others by fs17eu (8,001 points)
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This is a little warehouse customized in Paris.

Download Link

posted 5 days ago in Others by fs17eu (8,001 points)
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