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and other tuning parts


MAN2010.scs – 114.9 MB

posted Aug 8 in Trucks by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Did you ever wish, your Deutz had more “OOOMPF”? Does the Deutz green hurt your eyes? Then I have the perfect mod for you!

Wackeln beim schleppen von schweren Trailern verringert
Reduced wobbeling of tractor when heavy trailers are attached

Original Deutz Series 9 with:
Color choice for the body
Color choice for the rims (V1.0.0.1)
Chiptuning (original engines, 360HP, 400HP)
Less wobbeling of the tractor body while heavy trailers are attached (V1.0.0.2)

Nothing else was changed.
You may change this mod and/or upload it elsewhere, without asking me before. Keep in mind that original Giants data was used to create this mod, i.e. the use of this data for other games could be interpreted as violation of the Giants Copyright.

Download Link
posted Aug 8 in Tractors by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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– Added 520d
– New interior
– Metallic color

Metehan BİLAL
Burak TUNA

m5e60.rar – 44.4 MB

posted Jun 9 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Anna Z-644
– potato animation
– basic script
– animation of the potato dump
– pipe fold – key “O”
– combine fold – key “X”
– lowering – key “V”
– washable option
– ground and poptato animation
– When the combine is turned on, the farmer shows up
– capacity: 1,500 kg
– cost: 9,500
– moving parts
– daily maintenance cost: 5
– power requirement: 30 hp

Agromet Z-319
– basic script
– washable option
– ground animation
– power requirement: 15 hp
– cost: 3,000
– daily maintenance cost: 9
– moving parts



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posted Jun 7 in Implements by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Scania Limited Editions
Currently consists of two packs for RJL’s Scania R & Streamline Modifications. Packs include the following trucks:
– Golden Griffin
– Silver Griffin
– Dark Diamond
– Black Amber
– Blue Stream
– Blue Shark
– More to be added in future.

Mr Anthony

Mr_Anthony_s_Skins___Packs_2.rar – 3.3 MB

posted Jun 7 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This john deere mower finaly here
there a removeable mower deck
loader arms # work with JCB skidster attchments #



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posted Jun 5 in Tractors by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Iveco Stralis XP & NP by Racing
Changelog for ver. 1.2
– mod is now compatible with patch 1.27
– all type of chassis have rear lamps in new style
– New cabin and chassis including ON, LNG, CNG or LNG + CNG tanks
– Cursor engines with 400, 480 and 570 HP
– New refuelling sound for Stralis NP (when You driving Stralis XP just delete or rename folder “sound” from mod)
– Hi-Tronix transmission
– New slots for lights etc.
– Slightly modified dashboard light color

Racing, SCS Software (original model)

Iveco_Stralis_XP___NP_by_Racing_ver._1.2.rar – 19.6 MB

posted Jun 4 in Trucks by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Reshade For Default Weather & MP

– Removes yellow cast and adds brightness, Reshade tuned specifically for the default weather and without the use of HDR
– Will appeal primarily to those who play multiplayer or default
– Works in MP

Tested 1.6.x



posted Jun 4 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Disclaimer: I will not be responsible for any mod conflicts with other trailer packs as always with SCS sim products. This trailer will repaint all 3000 default trailer skins. Use at your own discretion.

“Uncle D”

Uncle D Studios/Sebastian Strobel


posted Jun 4 in Trailers by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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NorgeCrest Valley 17 v2.0 / CoppedStraw & animated animals

Hello friends of the LS 17,
Here now also by me a rebuilding of the Goldcrest Valley. Although it has not become Norgeholm, but a beautiful new or rebuilt map with lots of news.
And now here a few data, which was changed or rebuilt.

Changelog of the NorgeCrest Valley 17 v1.0 (The map was tested extensively in the SP and on the Dedi and the log is error-free.
* ChoppedStraw including the necessary textures.
* Animated animals for pigs, sheep and cows, so that the animals also drink water.
* The farm was enlarged and partly rebuilt.
* Cow pasture laid on the farm.
* Sheep grazing on the farm.
* Animated gates at the cow and sheep pasture. Thus, among other things, Grass mowing.
* Washing place included Kärcher at the yard.
* Seed, mineral fertilizer and liquid fertilizer tank installed on the farm.
* A medium sized and a small Lizard vehicle hall including new MP-capable niggels lighting installed in the yard.
* Wolf’s system installed biomass and vehicle hall on the farm.
* Farming place at the farm.
* Additional fruit varieties added to all silos and the Railroad Mill – see explanation.
* Both trains are rebuilt so that they can also load and unload the additional fruit varieties.
* Additional wooden loading crane on the railway line next to box 8 installed.
* Main street leading to the courtyard is provided with a street lighting.
* The courtyard silo and the transit silo on the farm were also equipped with lighting.
* In some places, the courtyard itself also received some lighting.
* All fields have been preserved and have not been a victim of the transitions of animal pastures.
* In the places where the cow and sheep pastures were previously, a large grass area has now been created. So much more space where you can place mods or simply use the meadows for gras stitching.
* And what else I forgot to mention.

Explanation of additional fruit varieties:
At the following locations – Hofsilo, Central Transport Hub, GoldCrest Pacific Grain and MapleField Pool – can be loaded or unloaded into the fruits of wheat, rape, corn, barley, sunflower and soybeans, in addition potatoes, sugar beets and woodchips.
At the Railroad Mill, wood chips can be sold alongside wheat, barley, rape, corn, sunflower, soybeans, potato and sugar beet.
Both trains can load and / or unload the following fruits:
Wheat, barley, rape, corn, sunflower, soybeans, potato, sugar beet and woodchips.

The following mods should be present in the mods, so that no buildings are missing at the beginning of the NorgeCrest Valley 17:
* The [url = https: //] Multi Storage Shed [/ url] in order to be able to store straw, grass, hay and pig feed ,
* The vehicle shelter, the small and large vehicle hall of Lizard are GIANTS and were with me already and had only to be downloaded in the Ls17 Mod menu.

And now I wish you just as much fun and joy on the new NorgeCrest Valley as I have it,

Mapumbau und teilweißer Skriptanpassung: Pandahma
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Lichterpaket: Niggels
Grüne Fahrzeughallen: Agrarteam Franken
Biomasselager und Maschinenhalle: Katsuo – Agrarteam Franken
Großes Sägewerk: kevink98 (Script), fasi (Bretterpaletten), El_Cid (Gebäude), Giants (Palette), Pandahma (neuer Filltype wood2, Plane korrigiert)
Kleines Sägewerk: kevink98 (Script), Marhu (Script LS15), fasi (Palette) Giants (Gebäude LS15), Pandahma (neuer Filltype wood2)
FabrikScript 2.0: kevink98, Marhu
AdditionalMapTypes Version RC-Devil, Pandahma (Bugfixes)
Palettensammler: Marhu (LS15)
CompostMaster 2k17: Farmer_Andy
Futtermischer Pack: kastor_Ger, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen).
Abfüllanlage: Pandahma.
HoT Seeds & Fertilizer Produktion: San_Andreas, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen).
Erweiterte Hof-Tankstelle: Blacky_BPG.
BIO-Diesel Raffinerie: auwgl, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen).
Sojamilch-Produktion: slowtide63, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen – Dedi Display).
Gülle- und Gärrestelager: kevink98, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen).
Gärreste-Separator: LS-Modcompany, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen).
Digitale- und Tiere-Anzeigen: Nils23, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen).
Flüssigdünger-Produktion: San_Andreas, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen).
Flüssigdünger-Lager: Nils23, Pandahma (Umbau und Anpassungen).
Kalk-Bergwerk: Pandahma
Schlamm-Mod: Manuscript GT
GMKFC Mod: Ifko[nator]
Sollte ich jemanden vergessen haben, dann bitte melden und er wird natürlich sofort nachgetragen.



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posted Jun 4 in Maps by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Combo Skin packs Bier Bitzch for Peterbilt 389v2 Volvo VNL 670-780&Trailer Doubledeck
Tested in game version

Karen Grigoryan

combo_skin_packs_bierbitzch_for_peterbilt_389v2_vo… – 11.1 MB

posted May 31 in Trucks by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This mod is a simply redesign to the dashboard of the default Scania R truck and R Streamline truck, which makes their gauges have a blue background, as well as a V8 Logo in the background of the speedometer, and a Scania griffin logo in the background of the tachometer.

Credit to Nazgûl.


Sharemods: Download mod

posted May 27 in Parts by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This Paintjob works on:
Volvo 2013 V22.00 Ohaha
ScS Volvo 2012
Volvo FH 2012 V22.02r Pendragon
Tested on 1.27.x version of game

Alexandar Lone Wolf

OldSchoolVolvo.scs – 449 KB

posted May 26 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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The first Big World Map & Mario Map Map! includes Europe, America, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, South and North America. Includes more than 2370 cities.
The map is compatible with DLC France
For the operation of the map you need DLC To the East and DLC Scandinavia
Includes weather mod
Includes light FIX mod!
HOW TO INSTALL MOD: All 3 parts extract to documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mods
You need to create new profile before activate this map!
Map isn´t compatible with other mods! Please disable all other mods, if you don´t do it, map can´t fully working!

SCS Software, Marc25, Mario, RC Team, RebuildTeam, Keda2k17, GBJ Modding, RTB Team

Big_World_Map.scs – 318.1 MB

posted May 26 in Maps by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This is a remake of a default Volvo FH16 2012 by SCS Software with tons of new stuff added,
such as new bumpers, sideskirts, roofbars. New engines and transmissions, reworked chassis,
reworked headlights and many more
You can also make own painjobs using provided template.
Custom decals described in decals.txt
Truck replaces default Volvo FH 2012, also trucks in quick jobs are modded, both EU and UK
Showroom models are new aswell
Well, here it goes. Sadly, didn’t have much time for some extra stuff.
Here’s a changelog
– 8×4 chassis, 2 cabin options (Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL)
– 14 speed gearboxes (12+2)
– New HQ mirrors, improved mapping on outside mirrors
– Improved mapping on “Mask” part, added Chrome + Paint option
-some small fixes from previous version

Eugene – 122.6 MB

posted May 18 in Trucks by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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3-axle, low-bed trailer “Holleman”. The transported cargo is a helicopter UH-60 “Black Hawk”.
The weight of the cargo is 22 tons.
New in v3.0:
– The trailer is adapted for the version of the game 1.27.x,
– Added 5 new companies,
– Completely redesigned and correctly structured interior of the helicopter,
– The cargo is correctly placed on the trailer with a low platform,
– Added missing passenger doors,
– Added missing glass in all window openings,
– Added a lighthouse to the trailer.
– Completely self-contained model,
– Registered in 11 companies,
– Has its own wheels “Doll”,
– Supports DLC “Scandinavia”.

Tripple8, Farzad, Diamond Modding.

UH-60_Black_Hawk_Trailer_v3.0.7z – 16361621

posted May 15 in Trailers by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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VOLVO FH MK1 (FH12 & FH16)
Tested on: ETS2 1.27.x.
Adaptation to ETS2 1.27.x.
Few corrections in 3D model.
Fixed beacon lights.
Fixed some shadows.
Fixed fuel and air pressure indicators.
Lightened model (More FPS).
Lightened mirrors (More FPS).
And some things I’m sure to forget ….
Clean gamelog. No warnings.
SiSL Megapack addon available.
Enjoy this.

CyrusTheVirus, Inmen, Domas225, Pawel92, maPriv, Mar3krugel, Justin, Sergey Sergeyev, Seraoki, Pirs, Volk86, Stels, Vinzel, Axeet, Rimuus, Skorp86, IvanK, Andriuxa56, The4Farming, Solaris36, Taina95, Zeus, Dron4ik194, Vasco, Tasos978, ComandoreOne, Ogneevenko, ILyhaSedioshkin, Ventyres, Maksim Ogneevenko, Denis Filimovov, Rimuus, Kamz, Robertas14, Balkanboy, Antique, Kriechbaum.

Volvo_FH_MK1_1.27.x_by_CyrusTheVirus.scs – 83.2 MB

posted May 15 in Trucks by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This mod adds compatibility on Volvo FH Mk1 1.27.x with:
SiSL Megapack v2.5.
SCS DLC’S Cabin accessories.
SCS DLC’S Pirates (only cabin accessories).
SCS DLC’S Country flags.
Enjoy this.

CyrusTheVirus, SiSL, SCS Software.

Volvo_FH_MK1_1.27.x_by_CyrusTheVirus_DLCS_compatib… – 2.3 MB

posted May 15 in Maps by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Volvo FH16 2013 (ohaha) Plummer & Son skin
Test on v1.27


plummer.scs – 21.4 MB

posted May 15 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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The mod will add a heavy trailers in the company RusMap,ROS and Eastern Express 10.4
You need to have DLC Heavy Cargo Pack.

SCS, SlavikSD

Heavy_Cargo_RM_ROS.scs – 164 KB

posted May 15 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
This mod is not created by me. FS 17 mods site has indexed this mod, as Google does with websites. Credit and download link belong to the author. This website helps moders to promote their work.® By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. The materials contained in this web site are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.Copyright © 2014 by Nicolae POPESCU . All rights reserved.

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