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More vivid and realistic colors for a better gaming experience.


Changelog: Adjustments and improvements in Clarity.

Note: The Filter FXAA was activated in (SweetFX v2.0 and Reshade v3.0.8) with little intensity so that it does not affect the quality of the game environment.


Adjustments required * in the Game***

– Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): OFF (*)
– High Dynamic Range: ON (*)
– Depth of Field (DOF): OFF (*)
– Rays of Sunshine: ON (*)
– Color Correction: OFF (*)
– Anisotropic Filtering: Maximum (*)


Important: Replace the following paths in d3d9.ini**

– EffectSearchPaths=C:\Game\bin\win_x64\reshade-shaders\Shaders

– TextureSearchPaths=C:\Game\bin\win_x64\reshade-shaders\Textures

– ScreenshotPath=C:\Game\bin\win_x64

– PresetFiles=C:\Game\bin\win_x64\vivid and Realistic Colors Mod 17.2 SP.ini


Warning: Reshade is optimized for video cards (Mid range). In low-end GPU the loss of FPS is very high.

Comparison (Loss of FPS)

– Intel HD 4600: +10 FPS in the Game and +30 FPS in the Interface

– Asus Strix GTX 1060 OC 6GB: 0 FPS in the Game and 0 FPS in the Interface


Reshade menu: Activate with Shift + Delete

Additional: The key to activate and deactivate Reshade is INSERT. By default it is activated when the game is started.


To use Reshade on 32-bit systems, use d3d9.dll and d3d9.ini (x86 dll folder (Backup).


Recommended Mod: (Optional)

Download: (Amplified Sound + No Bloom)

Download: (Spring Weather ETS2)

Download: (Spring Weather ATS)


Compatible: American Truck, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Test Drive Unlimited Gold y 2, GTR 2 FIA, Dolphin Emulator, etc.


Settings DB: (All versions)

Graphic Settings: (ATS/ETS2)

FXAA: (Information)

Facebook page:



JuanBonX (Mod), (Autor ), Crosire (Reshade)

JuanBonX (Mod), (Autor ), Crosire (Reshade)

Download Link 2: Download mod

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This is the map of Farming Simulator 2013 | Convert for 2017 by Vanquish081.

– Repaint zone cows and sheeps.
– Added support to Seasons (only avalible in PC).
– Added support to Chopped Straw (only avalible in PC).

– Changed location gold nugget in dairy.
– Some tracks have been adjusted in loading dock.
– Fixed point of sale FreightYard (Send the train to receive payment).
– Recalculated size in all fields.
– Reset position for the appearance of mission vehicles in all fields.
– Readjusted large feeder plane of cows.
– Added Workshop in farm area (Only new savegame).

– Delete various trees near of Mill.
– Added icon store on PDA.
– Replacement parked cars.
– Added refill tank for liquid fertilizer in Farm, Garden Center and Farm Shop.
– Fixed problem with water in the port

– Changed position various goldnugets, now it’s less fun
– Fixed rigid body in cow feed.

– Delete Chopped Straw for compatibility on consoles.
– Adjusted material for compatibility on consoles.

– Fix trigger sell straw.

– Added GoldNuggets… Find them!!
– Lowered some trees of the sky.
– Fixed respawn point in sell points.
– Added train for logs in the Port.
– Added train grain to Freightyard.
– Other minor fixes.



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Telehandler Bobcat TL 470 For FS17.

Version 1.8
– Updated stickers
– Autocollants améliorés

Have Fun and please respect original Link.

Chariot téléscopique Bobcat TL 470 pour FS 17.

Model: Giants
Script: Nico1308
Idea / Concept: Nico1308, ThePigvader
Testing: Nico1308, ThePigvader

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200 hp – 4000 hp
There is a possibility of engine selection between
Gearbox and turbo option


New_Upgrade_Engines.scs – 56 KB

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Welcome to Valley Crest

Version 1.8
(3 rock) New
-Building site
-Water Tower
-Bio refinery

Standard Map with additional modifications …

Sugar factory
Transport company
Wood loading station
Milk feeding place
Warehouses / garages with workshop and water tower
Biogas plant
Hydroelectric power plant with bridge

As well as new roads, new train routes are also included.
Have fun with this map !! As shown in Fig.



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-List of changes in version 4.8.1
– Overclocking has been redesigned (complex with a high trailer weight)
– Improved inner chamber (swinging).

Ageratos125rus – 193 KB

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Mapa Conexões v12.8 THE BIG MAP
Includes Europe, America, Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, South and North America
And also Korea Includes more than 2400 cities.
Extract Rar files and place all the scs files in your mod folder.
Start this map with a new profile.
Runs on ETS2 v1.27
All Dlc’s are required.


conex__es_part1.rar – 679.6 MB
conex__es_part2.rar – 528.1 MB
conex__es_part3.rar – 469.8 MB
conex__es_part4.rar – 578.2 MB
conex__es_part5.rar – 419.7 MB
conex__es_part6.rar – 383.8 MB

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– Completely redesigned control for the keyboard.
– You can also play with the wheel.
– The build-up of the camera in the interior has been reworked.
– The damping of the front axle is reduced.
Do not upload author’s link to other exchangers


Physics_by_Ageratus_V4.8.scs – 193 KB

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• Compatible with all Trucks.
• New light flares.
• More vibrant colored lights.
• Realistic light reflections to floor; Show conversation
• No bugs.

Frkn64 Modding – 2.2 MB

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Version 1.8 – added new variant of Mersedes-Benz Atego with new skins.
Pack adds in traffic 144 BDFs with skins of real companies.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.27.x
Compatible with all my packs.


painted_bdf_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.8.7z – 149.2 MB

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READ THIS: In this video, if you see the truck jumping over the place, is because I activate the Suspension on the Viper Peterbilt 389 Chassis folder.

If you want to do something like that to you, give me the Truck link that you use the most and tell me what type of suspension you want, and I will do it.

***Can take I while.***

Hi guys, This physics change the transmission feel and suspension.

#For the transmission:

– The only thing is change is the clutch friction are decrease (was 065.0 now at 5.0) For Manual H shifter only.

– I also changed something about the torque that when you decrease the value, the torque of your truck will changed.
– For exemple, if you have 2500lb of torque, changing this value qill not be the same, So what I did is put it back to 1.0.
– so you have the 100% of the torque number and change it for the Scaling of the Flywheel.
– The more heavier the flywheel is the more the RPM will drop slower.
– Like a stock flywheel than a Aftermarket lightweight flywheel. (Car related)

– For the Sequential and Automatics mode is still in Work in Progress.
– Value are not stock, So you might seen some change.
– Trying to make the transmission change smoother

#For suspension:

– Now the trailer and truck can roll and pitch seperatly at 30 degress at both direction.
– What it mean is if the truck roll on a bump. The truck will roll itself only and not the trailer and the truck.
– The trailer will stay at his normal position (can pitch or roll so take care)

– The suspension are little bit softer than stock physics.
– That mean that the truck will rebounce when going on a bump (No to much much than last time)
– That give it a little bit of realistics.

– Now you see the truck shake in the cabin when you go over a bump or something else

#Other Physics

– I also change the Mass of the truck and wheels.
– The Truck Mass was 2300 now is 1800
– The wheel mass of the truck wass 200 now at 300.
– Now the tire can slip. That mean the truck can understeer or oversteer.

– Still in WIP !

The goal is that I want to make the “worst” physics to a “real feel” physics, I never drive a real truck in real life, but I can make it from Youtube Video.

Recommended to use with a steering wheel and clutch pedal, but you can use this mod with other controlers !

I can update the mod for you if you want !

Any bug or question ? Just tell me on Facebook:



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This mod will add to ETS2 very beautiful sports cars from the game Asphalt 8, diversifies and revitalizes the game.
Corrected to the latest version of the game and remade the traffic.
Sports cars:
Acura NSX ’06
Arrinera Hussarya ’15
Audi R8 e-tron Typ 42 ’13; Audi R8 LMS Ultra; Audi RS3 Sportback Typ 8PA ’11; Audi RS4 Avant B8 Typ 8K ’13; Audi S4 B8 Typ 8K ’13
Bentley Continental GT V8 ’12
BMW M1; BMW M3 Sedan F30 ’15; BMW M6
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse ’12
Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car; Cadillac XTS
Chevrolet Camaro GS Mk.V ’10; Chevrolet Corvette C7
Chrysler ME Four-Twelve ’04
Citroen Survolt ’10
Dodge Challenger SRT8 ’13; Dodge Dart GT
Felino cB7 ’14
Ferarri FXX; Ferrari 308 GTS ’75; Ferrari F12 berlinetta ’12; Ferrari LaFerrari ’14
Ford F-150; Ford Mustang GT ’15
Geely GC9
GTA Spano ’14
Hennessey Venom GT ’12
HTT Plethore LC-750
Infiniti FX50 S51
Jaguar C-X75; Jaguar F-Type ’14
Koenigsegg Agera R ’12; Koenigsegg One: 1 ’14
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4; Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary ’88; Lamborghini Miura P400 ’67; Lamborghini Sesto Elemento ’10; Lamborghini Urus ’12; Lamborgini Veneno ’13
Lotus Evora Enduro GT ’11
Lucra L148 ’15
Lykan HyperSport
Marussia B2
Maserati GranTurismo Sport ’12; McLaren 12C Spider ’13
Mercedes-Benz BIOME ’10; Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow; Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive ’13; Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition C197
Nissan 370Z Z34 ’10; Nissan GT-R NISMO R35 ’15; Nissan GT-R R35 ’10
Onuk Sazan
Pagani Zonda R Evo ’12
Peugeot Onyx ’12
Porsche 9FF GT9 VMAX
Renault DeZir ’10
Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS ’12
Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca TSS
SSC Tuatara; SSC Ultimate Aero XT
Tesla Model S
Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI
The intensity of traffic for rare cars has been changed.
All cars are autonomous, they work on any maps.

alkonavt96 Correction to the latest version of the game and conversion of traffic: hsolo5978

Asphalt8_traffic_pack_FINAL.7z – 129.2 MB

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The tractor’s power is 81 l / c. Max. The speed is 34 km / h. Animation dashboard, steering gear, shaft and propeller fan. Also included: the purchased FL-console, PKU and forks-capture. The volume is 3500 liters. Load straw, grass, hay, silage, manure. Working lighting equipment. Washes. Clean log.
Installation: a file in a ZIP format – transfer files / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods /

Sevill, Maksim_93, region38, Богдан Хвесик



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Power: 81 l / c, speed: 34 km / h. Animation of the instrument panel, steering gear, propeller shaft and fan. IC: Doors, hatch, rear window. So included: the purchased FL-console, PKU and forks-capture. Volume: 3500 liters. Load straw, grass, hay, silage, manure. Lighting technology, washable. The log is clean!

Model: Sevill, Maksim_93
Other: Bogdan Hvesik


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This is the new version of Brazilian Articulated Trailers Pack (Doubles) V.1.8 (brazilian trailer style).
This pack adds many kind of brazilian articulated trailers (Doubles) in traffic.
Retexturized, improved, Reduced PMG.
Fully functional and totally compatible with BRAZILIANS MAP. Compatible with any map too!
To ETS2 1.27.x

JL Truck


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Hello Autodrive friends

Version 1.8
1. Intersection connected to field 5 waypoints
2. If times from field 5 to the farm wants also connected again
3 between field 12 and Scheinegehege in the waldstück waypoints

If errors in stretch net are fixed pm and a picture where it is exactly which I then it can fix
Thank you very much

As discussed, I have the permission is obtained later to load net high of Balu stretching.
Since I got a pose tive message about the routes network Goldcrest Valley.
And you want the möcklichkeit also can benefit.
Important: Please network your old route network from the memory Savegame1, 2.3 … outside companies and fahls stretch her euen in a oner other to keep want to have again.

Copy this file to the AutoDriveInport
In the game options to continue on key assignments and seeking the name AD: Export routes and AD: routes Inpotieren.
The two documents, AD: routes Expotiren with Ctrl + F7 and AD: routes Inpotiren with Ctrl + F8 and then save everything.
Start your Dan gewünter Score and boarding a vehicle and with the Srrg + F8 Press and trackside worth Inportirt her your Score.
To keep the stretch grid times the Score save quite normal


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Pack adds in game 78 railway cargoes.
Version 1.8.2 – added steerable axles for some trailers.
New cargo added to 41 companies for Default Map, DLC Scandinavia and Vive La France, MsHeavyAlex Map, Rus Map, EAA Map.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
For version 1.27.x
Compatible with all my packs.
Included english and russian versions.
For english version you must have in mod folder two files:
If you’re using mods, replacing default trailers, correct work of pack not guaranteed.


railway_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.8.2.7z – 146.0 MB

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Here is the lemken juwel 8 Fixpack. That means that the plow has a frontpacker. Don’t forget to follow farming_2017_and_simulator on instagram! WARNING: the Frontpacker hasn’t a function! it is only decoration. maybe in later versions that he have a Fuction.

farming_2017_and_simulator on instagram


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bug fixed
Realistic Graphics Mod v1.8 (1.27.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.
Features mod:
• First graphic mod in ETS 2 Workshop.
• Completely new flares.
• Realistic light reflections.
• Completely new skybox(Moon added.)
• Improved graphics.
• Realistic road textures.
• Running operation without errors.
• SGate’s weather mod included.
You can turn off the High Dynamic Range(HDR) option in graphics settings of game for more colorful-brightness night driving.

Frkn64 – 549.6 MB

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Download the new version of the Eldorado map now. Two new cities added and support was added for 1.27! Also fixed several bugs!
New cities:
– Barra do Turvo;
– Iporanga.


Mapa_Eldorado_FREE.scs – 783.4 MB

posted Apr 22 in Maps by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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