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Minecraft 1.11.2    Requirements: Forge

The Pick Block mod is a little tweak that streamlines your Minecraft experience. If you click or use a chosen keybind on any block or entity, provided you have that item anywhere in your inventory it will automatically jump to whatever slot you’re currently using in your hotbar. So say for example you want to use some stone blocks as your next item to build with. If you see some stone nearby, just use the keybind for this mod and it will move to the highlighted slot in your hotbar.

It also helps if an enemy is closing in and you don’t have a weapon ready. If you use the keybind while sneaking, then the best weapon in your inventory is suddenly ready to use.

And the same principle applies to harvesting any blocks. Whether wood, stone, or sand, just use the keybind while sneaking and the right tool will automatically be ready to use on those blocks.

The mod also works in creative mode and you don’t need any items already in your inventory. So you can use the keybind on any block and the item will drop into your inventory ready to use.

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Minecraft 1.11   Requirements: Forge

Block armor gives you the ability to make armor out of nearly every block in the game. The armor is all crafted the same as traditional armor, except now you have a significantly broader variety to choose from.

But this mod is more than just fancy new armor designs. Many of the blocks will give you a boosted effect when wearing them. Any block that grows such as trees, grass, or cacti will actually regenerate the armor’s health over time.

Light blocks will actually produce up to 15 light levels around you. Especially useful for night and dark caves when you have no torches available.

Glass blocks will provide invisibility.

And some will even help your defense like Quartz providing more speed and strength or Netherrack igniting enemies during fights, whether you hit them or they hit you.

Definitely give this mod a go. These are merely a few examples of the many options available. It even works with many other mods that add blocks to the game!

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The Craftable Barrier Blocks Mod is a very simple one with many applications. It’s a single block that is invisible and unbreakable unless you are holding the block while breaking it. It starts out as a red, crossed out circle but disappears in a few seconds and is only visible while in creative mode.



You can use it to simply block off any area you don’t want accessed or you can get creative with it by making mazes or traps.


This block also makes for a great hidden bridge. So long as you know where to look you can secretly access long distances with no one else the wiser.



Get creative with this block for anything that may benefit from an invisible block that only you know of, like invisible stairs!


Stair Frame


posted Dec 11, 2016 in Tools by fs17eu (8,014 points)
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The Vending block is a simple tool to aid in unassisted trading of items in Minecraft. It works excellent in multiplayer servers and acts as a replacement for villager merchant systems. It works just as its name suggests and vends items for currency. It can also tailer to your environment by changing the base to whatever block type you choose.


As the vendor you can right-click the machine to bring up the GUI. In there you can set the item you’re selling and the price you’re selling it at. Here you have to physically leave the items you want to buy in the buying slot. Then just stock up the item in the storage slot and it’s ready to go. From here buyers can then right-click to purchase what you have listed for sale if they have the item you want to buy. And for added safety the vending machines can only be broken by the person who crafted it.


The Multiple Vending Block allows you to sell up to four types of items at the same time. You can also add more per square to set the quantity.


The Advanced Vending Block is a bit different. It functions the same as the standard Vending Block only the buying slot has an option to pick whatever you want to buy as the set price. This is handy if you don’t have a particular item or you don’t have enough of a particular item to set the price you want. Say if you want to sell something for emeralds but you don’t have any to put up yourself then the advanced block is a better alternative.


This mod is a very easy solution to add a trade option to your server. It’s simple to use and can be set up by anyone in the server so more items can be made available to sell/trade all over.


posted Dec 11, 2016 in Tools by fs17eu (8,014 points)
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Block Physics is a curious little mod with drastic implications. It forces you to use sturdy blocks and stable construction for your structures to stay together. As a forewarning it’s strongly suggested to either back up your save or start a new one before loading this mod. You may end up destroying many of your favorite structures otherwise.


Blocks will stack normally but a good majority of them are not strong enough to hold up in mid air. As soon as you place them on the side of a block with no support below, they will fall to the ground.


However if you use stronger blocks like bricks or planks, blocks with more structure, you’ll be able to place them on the side of other less stable blocks.



It’s definitely a huge challenge to try and build things with this method in Minecraft. You won’t be able to easily construct things in mid-air and you’ll now need to plan every block you place much more carefully. Good luck because if you don’t things may come crashing down quick! And if you have structures already built, you may want to support them before they end up collapsing.




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The Block Launcher mod adds a bunch of new guns and launchers to minecraft. They shoot blocks and TNT directly from your inventory so as long as you have any block stocked, you’ll never run out of ammo. The Rifle will shoot a single block of a lighter material like cobblestone, dirt, sand, or wood.


The Shot Block will shoot a cluster of blocks all at once and will deal a lot of damage from close range attacks.


The Chainblock will fire a flurry of blocks in a row.


And then you have a few launchers capable of firing TNT blocks. The TNT Cannon, TNT Launcher, and the TNT Mines Launcher which all have varying reactions.





posted Dec 7, 2016 in Tools by fs17eu (8,014 points)
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