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Hello all! My Fendt Favorit 800 Series in New V3.1 Version

Because the previous version was not good enaugh and caused some FPS drops, I have an official final V3.1

In general, most of the changes are for optymalization, but you will find some new features

Change list:
– Texture changes for each color and gloss adjustment.
– Color and shine changes on chrome-plated elements. Including rear fender and front axle.
– Changed front fenders. Better for optymalization.
– Replaced Interactive Control Script (IC) for a better version. Now your settings are the same after the game. Also better for optymalization.
– Removes unnecessary model elements from i3d. Better for optymalization.
– The wheel configuration completely redesigned. New wheels and other rims.
– Added Cylinders animation in front and rear window.
– New Frontloader console
– Fixed mirror.
– Corrected wheels pressure system.
– Corrected sound volume.

Generally in the worst moments I have about 10-14 fps more, it will be a big difference for Low Poly PC. Have fun!

Something about changes:
Changed front hydraulics selection
Fenders and Warnings work on IC
New IC Buttons
3 color variations that exist in the real world (you can see on yt) Working as design option
Improved wheels and added choice of silver color
2 new sets of tires
Improved power in model 816
Organize files inside
Washable is not full because model must be divided better so it will be made in next version!

All working on basic script with some of my extra configurations:
Fendt Favorit 816, 818, 822, 824
4 Engines with real power from 170 PS to 230 PS
3 Visual Design Models (Normal/Black Beauty/ Special Burgundy)
You can choose between the weight, front hydraulics, adding fenders, warning signs or all in one set
Diffrent types of Tires. Normal, with weights, Michelin or dual front and rear
Added Interactive Control(IC) so all the windows/doors are animated
You can attach Frontloader
Foldable Fronthydraulic (Remember about it befor attaching something!)
No Log Errors! Fehler frei!

25 March 2017 V3.0 Final Update

Hello all. This is the last version of Fendt Favorit 800 because I’ve improved everything to the best possible option.

List of changes in V3.0 Final:
The model is redone and dirt works around the whole model
New specular texture guarantees better gloss instead of cube
New center mass and weight so it runs better
New Interactive Control (IC) buttons
Added new warnings and also Foldable (IC)
RDA in wheels (IC)
Fixed fenders on IC buttons
Added foldable steering column (IC)
Unfolding Beaconlights (IC)
New attacher weights configurations
Stickers no longer flash
Added 2 Green texture options (Normal and Special)
Corrected Lights, back low attacher, wheels and windows rotation
Now the mod should work on a dedicated server!

Downloading mod from you support my work!
Keep my Download link!
6 June 2017 V3.1 Final Fix Update
Hello modhoster! Because the previous version was not good enaugh and caused some FPS drops, I made a Official Final V3.1
Generally most of changes are for optymalization but you will find some new features

Changes list:
Texture changes for every color and gloss adjustment.
Changes of color and gloss on chromed elements. Including rear fenders and front axle.
Changed front fenders. Better for optymalization.
Replaced Interactive control script for better version. Now your settings after savegame will be the same. Also better for optymalization.
Removed unnecessary model elements from i3d. Better for optymalization.
Completely redesigned the wheel configuration. New wheels and other rims.
Added Cylinders animation in front and rear window.
New Frontloader Console
Fixed mirrors.
Corrected wheels pressure system.
Corrected sounds volume.

Generally in the worst moments I have about 10-14 fps more, it will be a big difference for low poly PC’s. Enjoy!
I’ve asked The Modding Collaboration for permission!

Modell: TheModdingCollaboration, Marthu
Textur: TheModdingCollaboration, Marthu
Programming/Script: Marthu


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This is an update to the CAT 140M Road Grader Added Ploughing Function to the Ripper Added option to add Trimble’ Added 4 way flashers that activate when the Grader is backing up.

Fs13 Credits Fredzaza / Converted to fs15 and to FS17 by winston9587. Testing By CarolinaBoy


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This mod will add to ETS2 very beautiful sports cars from the game Asphalt 8, diversifies and revitalizes the game.
Corrected to the latest version of the game and remade the traffic.
Sports cars:
Acura NSX ’06
Arrinera Hussarya ’15
Audi R8 e-tron Typ 42 ’13; Audi R8 LMS Ultra; Audi RS3 Sportback Typ 8PA ’11; Audi RS4 Avant B8 Typ 8K ’13; Audi S4 B8 Typ 8K ’13
Bentley Continental GT V8 ’12
BMW M1; BMW M3 Sedan F30 ’15; BMW M6
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse ’12
Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car; Cadillac XTS
Chevrolet Camaro GS Mk.V ’10; Chevrolet Corvette C7
Chrysler ME Four-Twelve ’04
Citroen Survolt ’10
Dodge Challenger SRT8 ’13; Dodge Dart GT
Felino cB7 ’14
Ferarri FXX; Ferrari 308 GTS ’75; Ferrari F12 berlinetta ’12; Ferrari LaFerrari ’14
Ford F-150; Ford Mustang GT ’15
Geely GC9
GTA Spano ’14
Hennessey Venom GT ’12
HTT Plethore LC-750
Infiniti FX50 S51
Jaguar C-X75; Jaguar F-Type ’14
Koenigsegg Agera R ’12; Koenigsegg One: 1 ’14
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4; Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary ’88; Lamborghini Miura P400 ’67; Lamborghini Sesto Elemento ’10; Lamborghini Urus ’12; Lamborgini Veneno ’13
Lotus Evora Enduro GT ’11
Lucra L148 ’15
Lykan HyperSport
Marussia B2
Maserati GranTurismo Sport ’12; McLaren 12C Spider ’13
Mercedes-Benz BIOME ’10; Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow; Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive ’13; Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition C197
Nissan 370Z Z34 ’10; Nissan GT-R NISMO R35 ’15; Nissan GT-R R35 ’10
Onuk Sazan
Pagani Zonda R Evo ’12
Peugeot Onyx ’12
Porsche 9FF GT9 VMAX
Renault DeZir ’10
Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS ’12
Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca TSS
SSC Tuatara; SSC Ultimate Aero XT
Tesla Model S
Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI
The intensity of traffic for rare cars has been changed.
All cars are autonomous, they work on any maps.

alkonavt96 Correction to the latest version of the game and conversion of traffic: hsolo5978

Asphalt8_traffic_pack_FINAL.7z – 129.2 MB

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Sale in showroom RENAULT.
From heavy haul to linehaul, the Mack Pinnacle is the ideal workhorse to get it all done. This mod comes packed with features that can best suit
the needs of you as the driver. This mod combines the legendary power and reliability with modern technology and an aerodynamic design. The result is a
workhorse ready to take on any job while making every drop of fuel count.
Here’s what’s inside:
-Full Sleeper
-Midroof Sleeper
-Flat Top Sleeper
Chassis options range from the city-popular 4?2 to an 8?4 to meet weight requirements. Also has two variants of the the 6?2-4.
Has its own interior for each cab variant!
Has its own sounds! (did some personal recording at the dealership along with combined SCS sounds)
Has its own template!
Here’s what to know…
Some new updates for Version 2.
-Lots of interior fixes (wipers work too!)
-Sound tweaks
-Improvements to chassis and cabin model
-Lightmask improvements
-Fixed collisions
-Template remains unchanged
-Exterior wipers still don’t wanna cooperate -_-
-Added some additional accessories (it has a freakin’ GPS)
-Fixed that pesky wheel issue when selecting accessories and wheels go back to default
-Cash this truck in truck browser, howbout dah?
Updates as of Version 2.5
-Re-made the emissions components for a better look
-Fuel tank cap wasn’t at the end of the tank, fixed that for added realism
-Added another variant of the sideskirt
-Short exhaust stack for daycab
-Improved driver plates
-Fixed missing license plates for the bumper
It’s only fair to share…

Sib3rius – Conversion, AO Bake, Rigging, Animations, Overall Assembly Corby – Extreme Trucker parts Bora – Volvo Parts off Volvo VNL670 Superman – Sleepers, Overall Assembly, Various Parts V2obert – Engines and Transmissions A.Sneed – Textures, add-ons Deven – Skins! Dcving – Headache racks Mack Trucks – Description TEC Leasing (big thanks!) Solaris36 – License Plates.

Mack_Pinnacle_v2.5_v1.27.x.7z – 141.9 MB

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Mod Brazilian, with 20 Meters of length, Minimum power is of 270 CV, pantografica and flexible



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This is the Aragon Map converted from LS15 to LS17 i ??have the permission from the author.

Version 1.0 Final
Added Train and Sell point
Fixed NavMesh for Pig and many more

In the Map you have Animals Forest
Fields have Missions
BGA and point sell for Wood and Wood Chips
You have a big place for Placeables Mods
This is a small map for singleplayer
Have fun

Model: TheSnake
Texture: Giants
Idea / Concept: TheSnake


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nice truck
semi remorque hitch and trailler and low trailler hitch
paint change



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Hey folks, here is the save game file from the end of our Sosnovka series as promised!
To use this, you’ll need to download the zip file, then unpack it. Take the savegame2 file after you’ve extracted it and place it into the FarmingSimulator2017 file, not the mods folder. This is NOT a mod, it’s a savegame, so it won’t work if you put it into the mods folder. If you already have a map in progress in slot 2, be sure to delete the 2 at the end of this file name and replace it with a number of your choice so that you can see it in game.

The entire modding community, thank you so much for all the hard work you all put in so that we can enjoy these wonderful mods!


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Hello, I would like to present to you the final version of the map Poland Krajna I hope you will respect my time spent on this map and all amendments

– Purchased Boxes
– Traffic
– 3 Fully Graded Farms
– 1 Purchase All Crop
– Sawmill
– Purchase of livestock
– Separate silages for cows and pigs
– Selling straw at one point
– Cows, pigs, sheep, hens
– Selling eggs
– lots of forests
– Polish climate
– Map for small and medium equipment depending on selected Farm
– Gates opened on the original script “mouse button” (you do not need any mods to do them)
– Clean LOG Maps
– Clean LOG on the Premium
– Reset the machines
– Shop with machines
– Modernization of machines also in the shop
– Sale of wool (where we buy a game)
– lots of boxes
– Fill water with each hydrant
– Fully functional PDA Map
Refueling machines on every farm
– starter machines
– And a lot more
What it has / fixed in the Final Map:
– Fixed all gates that entered buildings / objects
– Added sounds when opening the door
– Change the Open Key (Just left click and the gates will open themselves)
– Added lighting in garages, cows at the click of a mouse after approaching the switch
– Replaced traffic on older vehicles that better fit the map
– The pig farm has been modernized and enlarged (now they are already in the camp and we are feeding them there)
– Lightly modernized sheep farm added a separate silage for cereals and other cosmetic things
– Added Manual Milk Sales (Need a Milk Bar)
– some fields joined together on request of some people
– The map was enlarged with a good dozen boxes together on the entire map with meadows is 88 of them
– Added Biogas
– Sale of manure slurry in the Biogas plant
– Added Second Purchase Crop
– Added buying fertilizers and seeds
– Fixed problem with permeating silage through walls
– Fixed problem with buying some of the boxes themselves (may still occur such things do not know what it caused but should be ok)
– Added chop mod NOTICE Need Mod chaff that you download from the original Farming
– Added Realist mud Bury
– Added a map collision will not go beyond it
– Added some buildings and light modernization in the village
– Clean LOG

VenTuriO fs

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I converted this mod need some work with the deck mower and frontloader attachment if any modded can get it work plz be my guest.



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Hello folks!

Version 3.0 Final
Added Gold Nuggets
Re worked all splines

With V3.0 you will see 38 fields which you own 17 so you will have plenty to do from the start. I have added the Train System and all 100 Gold Nuggets too. In the main farm silo you can store Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize, Sunflower, Soybean, Potato, Sugarbeet, Grass Windrow, Dry Grass Windrow, Woodchips, Straw, Forage and Silage with a capacity of 2000000 for each fruit. There is a small area for Forrestry as well. There are Cows, Pigs, Sheep and chickens. I have tested the map and everything seems to be working well with NO ERRORS in the Log File! This is the final version of this map but if some one finds anything wrong that I missed I will be happy to look into it. Tanks and I hope you enjoy it!

Model: Rockhound Modding
Texture: Giants
Script: Giants
Idea / Concept: Rockhound Modding
Testing: Rockhound Modding

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Pine Cove Farm Final Update. Minor Fixes.
If you update to this minor fixes you will need to start a new game due to the edit of the tip mask and ground collision map. However you should be able to use certain files from your old Pine Cove Farm Final save with this. The files which can be used are careerSaveGame.xml, economy.xml and vehicles.xml. Do not copy any other files into the new game save folder. This is only to be done if you have a Pine Cove Final Game save already do not do this if you are updating from a non Final version of the map or are unsure how to.
Giants Game Update V1.44 is required for the map.
No part of this map is to be edited or extracted and re-uploaded publically at all without prior permission.
Unzip the downloaded file and place just the maps zip file into a mods folder, move the 2 information text files to your desktop or somewhere safe. The map is tested log error free if you have a problem in the map look for something else as the cause and use your log.txt file for clues.
You will need Farmer_Andy’s Kotte Universal Tanker mod for FS2017 for this map. I recommend as always the map is placed in it’s own mods folder with no other maps in the folder with it.
Chopped straw v1007 module is needed for chopped straw.
Forage chaffing stage 3 is achieved on most crops with the XDisc cutter.
The map is highly optimised for my own PC systems and especially for Nvidia GTX 980ti and 1080 graphics cards. I offer no support for lower spec PC systems or graphics cards or how the map may play or function or not function. It was made for my systems and to look how I wanted it to and hold a very high framerate with many mods and installed mods running at the same time. The map has over 5 times the object count of a default game map and runs fixed higher settings for many visual improvements.
I can not guarantee that it will work or play as intended but hopefully it will for you and you will get many hours of enjoyment from it.
If you have an earlier version of the map Start A New Game for this final update. Do not copy your old save files into the new save if you want the majority of your progress back edit the new vehicle, economy and career xml files manually. I offer no support for doing so you either know how to do it or don’t.
Update list.
Minor changes and fixes made.
Small fix to tip mask in field 1 which prevented a patch of windrow drop.
Small fix to 3 floating bushes and 1 tree.
Tip mask at the open BGA silo clamps removed. You may have to clean this area up now at the open ends from time to time using a leveller or shovel bucket. Hopefully this will help with course play.
Floating tree fixed on the river bank across from field 16.
Duplicate texture removed to prevent server space character warning.
New foliage channels added.
Map repainted with new foliage.
New fruits added spelt, tritacle, sorghum and millet.
Puddles added around the map.
Animated speed boat with night lighting added.
All fruits show in PDA with prices now.
Boat added.
Vehicle spline edited and cars are more hidden from the bay end.
Greenhouses grouped into Mervils.
Pallet sales for greenhouses condensed.
Midland barn added.
Sale prices adjusted to make the map harder.
Terrain changes and fixes added.
Gold coins adjusted where needed.
New PDA map update.
New grassed meadow owned and defined field created at the rear of the cow zone.
New milk triggers added and sales location changed.
New sales points for Liquid manure, manure, compost, slurry and digestate added.
New vehicle storage added.
New Storage added for water, fertiliser, fuel, liquid manure and seeds throughout the map.
Floating hedge corrected.
Compost master conveyer particles rotated.
Field 4 work angle flipped 90 degrees for AI missions so surface angle matches how the field is worked.
Sales points adjusted for new fruits in the map.
New custom sounds added to the map for daytime nature and night time.
Redundant sounds around the map removed like the waves sounds in fields, sawmill sounds at Jeebs and tunnel sounds.
Compost master adjusted for better access.
Gate adjusted into the meadow for better access.
All seed master auger chutes raised for better vehicle access.
Farm yard seed master access improved.
Extra detailing around the map.
Sales points adjusted slightly where needed to provide a cleaner PDA map.
Underwater foliage and detailing added around the map.
Storage capacity increased on certain items.
New Signs and textures added where needed.
Pig Manure Heap Fixed.
Seed and Fertilizer supply at the Midland Barn Added, this cost’s you money.
New lighting added where needed.
Field 5 size adjusted.
Look out tower size increased for better access.
Barn sizes adjusted for better vehicle access.
New water driven flour mill.
New working tree nursery.
Water usage reduced on the greenhouses.
Overloading pipe added to the greenhouse water tanks.
Field 6 2 floating trees fixed.
Chopped straw updated to the latest and chopped straw added for all multifruits.
Multifruit foliage and distance textures matched.
All Multifruit Foiliage textures adjusted.
Shovel targets added to sell heaps, compost plant heap, seeds and fertilizer store input triggers, Bio Pro fertilizer, the separators heaps and the Fermenting Silo fill trigger.
Pig food mixer output raised to prevent most tall vehicle hitting it.
Small silage clamp added to the cow area.
Straw Barns width increased for better access.
Tomato Greenhouse placeable added to the farm yard.
Access improved on the cow feed mixer.
Access improved in the BGA exit.
Storage added in the BGA for diesel, liquid fertilizer and fertilizer.
Maple trees added with new darker texture.
More trees added to the natural forestry areas.
Forestry area tested fine with the Damcon tree planter.
Distance tree boundary boards added.
Preview Image Updated.
Adjusted starting vehicles.
Cow Navmesh adjusted.
Cow troughs adjusted.
Gates added to the top end of the cow zone.
Field 2 added to owned at game start up.
There’s much more but you’ll never notice, enjoy the final version of the map.
Full credits in the extra text files.

Giant’s Software, Stevie, Marhu, Kevink98, Farmer_Andy, Nils23, Webalizer, Blacksheep, Luke_BK, Kastor, FSModding, and Eisberg.


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Welcome to the FINAL Version of SavageMeadow.
I am changing maps and do not wish to continue with the frustrating map.
**Added pipes across from dealership to bury with dirt.
*Made a washed out road to fix
*Removed some trailers in the trailer park so you can drive some there and set them up.
*Tweaked the Main Construction yard a wee bit.
*Fixed some floating trees near the edge of the field.

AK The Savage, Movie Guy, Ragin’ Gaming.

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It seems you map because I do not see the point in holding it longer.
Map unfortunately is incompatible mini map but that does not stop the game.

Map features:
– More than 40 fields in the meadows
– 4 fully playable farm
– Chickens, cows, sheep, pigs
– Village
– Petrol station
– Buying-2
– Purchase bel
– Spinlesy (drunk dogs cats viper gulls, etc.)
– An interesting area
And most importantly climate.


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This is State Valley Farms. This was originaly Sosnovka map but i made it completly American. Lots of sell points and added features. Has chopped straw added. Has a farmers retreat for the downtime seasons. Map is complety error and warning free. Enjoy!

Giants most of all
Myself for all the edits
To all those who has made the buildings and objects. Would take a lifetime founding out what where came from.


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To make this mod work for single ( you need to EXTRACT the mod).



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Version Final
First of all apologies for the inconvenience
because a put the wrong version this is the right version and final of the map
Please Start a new Career
The Farm are now Revised added a Silo for Storage
The Village are Rebuild now have PedestrianSpline and ParkedCars
More objects added in the Map and many more
Hope you enjoy


This is the small and medium Alcacer Map Fields
There is a forestry plantation and Animals
Small Bga Wood and Wood chips sell points
In the map you have all the features from the game LS17
Hope you enjoy


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Le voilà, y me sert pas sur le 17
Logiquement 0 erreurs logs ci j’ai bien lu ça!
Y’a bien longtemps de ça j’ai retaper ce rolland, et mes premiers AO on était fait sur celui ci, j’ai merder sur plusieurs chose donc la que j’ai 3D retoucher mais pas correctement, et supprimer des choses qui ne fallait pas … Je peut réglé ça c’est vraiment ci … dérangeant corn j’ai pas eu le temps jusqu’à maintenant et j’en suis désolé …
J’espère qui vous plaira …

3D de base:
3D modifs: Melvin
Ao: Melvin
Scripts et conversion: Thibaut & Nico

Model: Mémi and ??
Texture: Mémi
Script: Thibaut and Nico
Idea / Concept: Mémi
Testing: Mémi and Nico

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This is the final version of the mod RST – Steel Bullbars
Pack pipings Finnish company RST – Steel for all vehicles SCS
In addition to the Scania T & R (RJL) and Man tgx Euro6
clear log testing on ETS2 1.2.6.

Tomek-GB SCS

RST_Steel_Parts_v2_Final.7z – 9.9 MB

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Pack of Brazilian Volvo Trucks N1020 NL10 NL12 NH12 edited by Cp_MorTifIcaTioN V1.4 Final.
Tested and adapted to the game version: [orange] 1.26.X.X
Standalone, dealer Volvo and Volvo UK slots 1, 2 and 3.
– New Engines.
– New Sounds.
– New gearbox.
– Corrected Interior.
– Wheels Pack by 50keda.
– A lot of stuff things.
– Much bugs have corrected.
– Trash files removed.
– New parts adicioned.
– New Chassis.
– New Interior.
– New Cabines.
– Minor bugs corrections.
– Alcoa Wheels add.
– Corrected Errors.
– New Interior.
– Modifications on interior.
– Corrections in the mod.
– Edited parts.
– A lot of Stuffs parts add.

Creator: Tonho Nunes / Robert Lima
Edited by Cp_MorTifIcaTioN

Pack_of_Brazilian_Volvo_Trucks_N1020_NL10_NL12_NH1… – 366.7 MB

posted Feb 14 in Trucks by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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