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ProMods 2.16+ EAA Map 4.2 Fix for 1.27.x
*This Fix:-fixes some bugs in the EAA Map
As the title suggests, the mod task is to combine two large maps to one another.

ProMods Team, EAA Team, SlavikSD – 136 KB

posted May 24 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Animated objects DoorFix, allows to open gates and animated objects which are based on standard scripts directly through the tractor you’re steering.
Game Farming Simulator 17
Category Other
Author BlackSheep(RC-Devil)
Size 61 KB
Released 22.05.2017
Platform PC/MAC



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posted May 23 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Fix for Animated gates in companies v1.7 for Ets2 1.27.x game version

This mod adds to the game more realism, making gates and barriers, many companies are animated!
All gates and barriers have a collision, so to fully open do not attempt to drive to the base or to leave.
In fashion there are not all companies that are in the game, the mod will be updated!

*Fix under the patch
Connect in the manager above the main mode.

Version 1.7:
– The mod is adapted to patch version 1.27

Supported versions of the game:
1.26.x + DLC Going East + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Vive la France

List of companies for which made the animation of the gate:
– Euroacres (Default)
– BCP (Default)
– NBFC (Default)
– Eurogoodies (Default)
– FCP (Default)
– ITCC (Default)
– Kaarfor (Default)
– Lkwlog (Default)
– Posped (Default)
– Quarry (Default)
– Sanbuilders (Default)
– Sellplan (Default)
– Skoda (Default)
– Stokes (Default)
– Tradeaux (Default)
– Trameri (Default)
– Transinet (Default)
– Tree_et (Default)
– Wgcc (Default)
– Polar_fish (Scandinavia)
– Ika_bohag (Scandinavia and France)
– Vitas_power (Scandinavia)
– Wilnet_trans (France)
– Gomme_monde (France)
– Boisserie (France)
– Ns Chemicals (Scandinavia)*
– Ns Oil (Scandinavia)*
– Chimi (France)*
– Huliant (France)*
– BHB Raffin (France)*
– Bjork (Scandinavia)*
– Dans Jardin (France)*
– Sag & Tre (Scandinavia)*
– Agronord (Scandinavia)**
– Norrsken (Scandinavia)**
– Globeur (France)**
– Drekkar (Scandinavia)**
– Tradeaux (France)**
– GNT (Scandinavia)**
– Lisette (France)**
– Renar (Scandinavia)***

-To help test your mod on version 1.25.x and searching for bugs: CsewS
-Author screenshots: CsewS
-The author of the sound: AlexeyP

Fix_Company_anim_gate.scs – 84 KB

posted May 15 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Something goind wrong, mod update fixed.
In Mod added retarder indicator on dashboard.


mercedes_mp3_bc_2.3.scs – 138 KB

posted May 15 in Interiors by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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This mod replaces the green symbols with other symbols.
Activation / Symbols:
– Buy = Black / White
colorspot – Company = Commanded Sign,
Use warning vest – Ferry = White colorspotphoto with tire track
– Garage = Oil stain
– Gas = Oil Gasoline spot
– Recruitment = Gulli coverwith Oil stain
– Service = Absolute holding sign
– Tollgate = Gulli cover with wind rose
– Train = Euro Tunnel symbol
– Truckdealer = Emergency sign collectionpoint
– Unknown = Gulli cover with
windrose – Unload select = CommandedSign, Use warning vest
– Parking = From SCS Disabled in Game, not visible.
Symbol / Symbols:
– Load = In the front of the trailer, Asphalt spot
– Unload = Speed ​​bumps on the side Black / White
Important information
From patch version 1.27

SCS Software

Activation_Symbol-Fix.scs – 1.5 MB

posted May 15 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Fixes departures on the ELDORADO map after updating to
The map can be downloaded here.
Put above the map


fix.rar – 57 KB

posted May 15 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Mod adds a Lightfix Skylight (model 21701-1) bar from MAN Trucks with 4 lamp slots, features chrome and painted look.
Bar has a stock mounted LED lights by abasstreppas.
Fits XLX and XXL cabins only.
Fitted to stock MAN style sunshields only. Based on the original mounting system for this model.
Supported trucks: SCS MAN TGX; MAN TGA, TGX E5 and TGX E6 by Madster

obelihnio, abasstreppas – 563 KB

posted May 15 in Parts by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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this is a FIX Version for Scania Tolner
In this FIX are now the Sound Mod
Truck in the Mod Not included


SCANIA_R560_TOLNER_V8_Sound.rar – 17.2 MB

posted May 9 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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This mod is a fix of the interior view of the MAN TGX Euro6 by MADster for a much more real view
For ETS2 1.27.xx
– Put this mod on top of the mod man_tgx_euro6_byMADster_v1.9
See the screenshot to see the result and compare

Haweky Trucker

Fix_interior_view_cabin_MAN_TGX_Euro6_MADster.rar – 948 KB

posted Apr 18 in Interiors by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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This is just a fix for MADster’s MAN TGX Euro 6 mod.


Truck_Physics_-_MAN_TGX_MADster_Fix.scs – 100866

posted Apr 9 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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This mod is a fix of the interior view of the MAN TGA by MADster for a much more real view
For ETS2 1.27.xx
– Put this mod on top of the mod man_tga_byMADster
See the screenshot to see the result and compare

Haweky Trucker

Fix_interior_view_cabin_MAN_TGA_MADster.rar – 1.1 MB

posted Apr 9 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Hi guys,

version 1.4.1 dry / wet TwinWheel FIX

Here, as promised, a divergent version of V1.4.1, in which the sinking on dry field is almost as deep as on wet field
– 90% sinking depth on dry field
– Twins tires fixed

Now as promised, here is the reverse version of 1.4.1 for more sinking into dry field, almost like on wet field.

– 90% sinking depth on dry ground
– Twinwheels are fixed now

this is for all those who also leiber little deeper sinking into the wheels, faster hard drive uphill and generally more realistic grip on fields had.
On dry and very wet field soil to the mach-noticeable depending on soil type and Feuchtgkeitsgehalt.
Have to the “GroundResponse.lua” from the For “Real Module 3: Ground Response” by Giants significantly edited.
This is just in the “For Real module 3: Ground Response” is inserted, and thus the standart “GroundResponse.lua” replaced (backup is not necessary to have to click as you anytime “Update Mods” in the main menu in the game only, and there the “for Real module 3: Ground response” Update must-characterized Wirde my “.lua” simply overwritten on the standard).

deeper sinking of the wheels, especially in humid
much less traction through the deeper sinking of the wheels
more influence of tire diameter and width to the Einsinkverhalten
Charge now causes deeper sinking of the wheels
less uncontrolled Kippneigungen on the road
Wheels fall more by physical influences, eg curve centrifugal, cant go on a slope, uneven ground
travel at speeds of over 25 km / h on soft or uneven ground shall be punished by physical forces more

Because until now only a few have been working on improving the physics in LS 17, this was the reason for me to try it by yourself remodel soil behavior somewhat more according to my wishes, because in the real module 3: Ground Response are for already all options given-but not implemented.

Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Giants
Tester: Giants/Rachederasen
Sonstige: Abänderung der von Giants vorgegebenen Werte Rachederasen

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posted Mar 29 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Hi guys here is my first map for fs17 it is a updated version from fs15 i made but this one is much much better and actully works LOL.
The map is standard size but has a few extras on it such as marhu’s sawmill, suger factory, pallet factory, cardboard factory, bio fuel factory, green houses, cow food mixer,pig food mixer, fermenting sio, seedmaster2k17, liquid and solid fert production and compost master.
(may add more)
Recomended mods
FS17 kotte Universal Pack


Download links:

posted Mar 28 in Maps by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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This is just a fix for RJL’s Scania mod, if you want to use my Truck Physics mod with it.

nIGhT-SoN – 112 KB

posted Mar 28 in Others by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Fix for ATS standard truck
It is available in ETS2 and ATS.

This mod contains:
Bullhorn with and without Mhuu sound
Red Scrambler with Bitonal sound
Red Scrambler with Cucaracha sound
Red Scrambler with Hazzard sound
Red Scrambler with River Kwai Toeter sound
Red Scrambler with il Sorpasso sound

Can be placed on the following parts:
– Roofgrill
– Bullbar
– Bottomgrill
– Beacon

– Horns
– Cablfares
– Topflares

Maury, maxx2504

Crazy_Horns_v1.26.scs – 724 KB

posted Mar 21 in Parts by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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There is the original miner REPEX 34S from the LS17 of Giants with selectable color wheels.

Version 1.1 Fix for working light
In the course of the last patches of the LS 17 the Bergmann was reworked by Giants in the area of the lighting, which led to the Mod now permanently burning the working light, even in a decoupled state. This is now fixed.

All other game-related parameters such as

Working speed
Prices for acquisition or maintenance

and textures or model remained untouched *.
* Therefore, the small file size, except for the modified modDesc.xml and be vehicle.xml exclusively used original assets that are already on your hard drive. So there is no reason why I should let you download the same data again.
And, even if it is the realism fans among you a horror, I like to have on request ready to provide additional versions with unrealistic changes to the properties for those who, like me zocken the LS primarily to enjoy the game, but do not know quite how to do this yourself or worry about MP capability.
Thereby Notice, however, that at high loading capacity (beyond the 60,000 liters) other mods such as.
Model Eicher excellent FillTypeMassAdjustement
or in this case, mentioned in the description unrealistic version may be necessary.
Furthermore, even an appeal to the more adventurous among you. In single player, the silage trailer worked without difficulty and error-free with me, in principle, the silage trailer should to my knowledge in multiplayer work because I neither own their own server still have any a circle of friends who share this hobby with me, it’s me unfortunately impossible to test this mod in multiplayer. So if you are so nice Had it to give me feedback on any errors or problems, I would be very connected.
Enough of writing, have fun and afterwards all a Merry Christmas.
Since this is only a slightly modified Originalmod you can do for my sake with the mod and leave what you want.

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Giants
Tester: Ich selbst
Sonstige: Alle Modder, ihr seid die Besten. Ohne euch wäre der LS stink langweilig!


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posted Mar 15 in Trailers by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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Fix for MajooouMap 1.2, now it is compatible with all DLC’s!
Download the file MajooouMap.scs and replace it in mod folder.
Have fun!


Fix_for_MajooouMap_1.2.rar – 86.2 MB

posted Feb 27 in Maps by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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— Fixed realistic mud
-Choppedstraw – webalizer
-Realistic mud – S.W.I.K
-Terrain angles – Niggels
-Missions in fields
-New terrain textures
Fields size :
field01 : 14.512 ha
field02 : 12.119 ha
field03 : 4.735 ha
field04 : 11.723 ha
field05 : 7.491 ha
field06 : 17.215 ha
field07 : 10.905 ha
field08 : 9.209 ha
field09 : 4.398 ha
field10 : 20.033 ha
field11 : 21.484 ha
field12 : 17.464 ha
field13 : 5.307 ha
field14 : 1.648 ha
field15 : 1.364 ha
field16 : 4.906 ha
field17 : 2.586 ha
field18 : 1.291 ha
field19 : 3.463 ha
field20 : 3.555 ha
field21 : 2.010 ha
field22 : 0.798 ha
field23 : 0.563 ha
field24 : 0.710 ha
field25 : 3.179 ha
field26 : 0.896 ha
field27 : 7.896 ha
field28 : 2.436 ha

ben686(Den Ben),Tautvis


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posted Feb 23 in Maps by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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– Tested 1.26.x
– Fix any bugs




posted Feb 18 in Others by florin (1,128 points)
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South Tyrol mountain worlds FS17

Version 3.3.2 Fix & Multifruit (40fruits)
– fixed version, now all functions possible
– Map now runs on weak Pcs
– floating trees removed
– new PDA image
– absolutely necessary if the map would like to play error-free!

Welcome to the South Tyrolean mountain world!
Aim the map is converted by the LS15!
A few months ago , I had the idea to make a new map, now I can introduce my new work. This is a new map, something that has not yet existed. On the map you can find everything your heart desires. Everything was perfectly adapted so that the pleasure of the game does not pass. You can also manage some fields but also grassland and work as a forestry farmer.
General information:
Location: Tyrol / South Tyrol
Fruit: standard fruit
Animals: cows, sheep, chickens, pigs
Fields: 12 fields from 0,15 ha to approx. 3,00 ha
Meadows: about 35 meadows of different sizes
Forests: 17 forests with different sizes from about 50 trees to about 900 trees
… you will find a natural area with a village (St. Nicholas) with several factions, a realistic nature, a beautifully designed and detailed courtyard in the valley, a small biogas plant in St. Nicholas, a fire-brigade and much more … … but you can explore the map even if interest has been aroused …
Special features of the card:
Hay store at the biogas plant
very much forest that can be cleared
very many details that enrich the game …

Mapper: Südtirolerbauer
Scriptseinbau: Südtirolerbauer
Tester: Südtirolerbauer/Südtirol Moddding/Breisgau Modding

Giants: diverse Gebäude und Dekoobjekte
Buschi: diverse Werkzeuge, Forstschilder, Holzset
Börndi: Stromhaus
mailman: Feldscheunen, Verladerampen
Chefkoch_LS: Blitzer, animierte Tiere
Wellano920: Dünger, Benzinfässer, Saatgut
TakerMaco: Stromhaus
MartinbigM: Bauwagen
Jauchenpaule: Radiotower, Werkstatteinrichtung
Steffen30muc: Kalk/Düngerlager, BGA Silos
VertexDezign: Maschinenhallen, Getreidelager
Fendtfan1: Ballenhalle, Misthaufen Hof
Wellano920: Ambiente Sound Pack V1
Südtirolerbauer: Modelle am Hof, Almen, Skigebiet, und vieles mehr…
Da Bua: Vorbereiten einiger Modelle
ModsWanted/ mailman: Berge
Nick98.1: Verkehrsschilderpack
Fatian: Strassenpaket
EL_CID: Zirkuswagen

Südtirolerbauer: Fabriken (Mühle, Schapsbrennerei, Brauerei, Goldwaschanlage, usw.)
Webalizer: ChoppedStraw
Marhu: Saegewerk/Fabrikscript, CoinTelescope Trigger, Milk Sell Trigger, StableManureArea, ChurchClock
VertexDesign/Niggels: Lichtschalter und Leuchtmittel /bzw. Die dazugehörigen Trigger
Blacksheep – RC-Devil: additionalMapTypes
FSM Modding/Chefkoch LS11: Konvertierung in LS17: PDA Map Trigger, Animals Pedestrian (Marhu), Rotate Script, animierte Tiere
Ian898 / CBModding: Buyable Chickens
vortex1988 (FSI Team): LowerAnimalPrices
Blacky_BPG: Digital Storage Amount Mover, Gas Station Extended,SpeedDisplay
Ein großes Dankeschön geht auch an Breisgau Modding, der mir zur Seite gestanden hat und mir bei manchen Fehlern geholfen hat.


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posted Feb 18 in Maps by fs17eu (7,918 points)
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