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Pictures of AR Frame Pack FS17

Open AR Frame Pack FS17 zip
take the pictures in the store folder

GIANTS, gnescher, GTX Mods, se7en


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posted Jun 2 in Trailers by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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You can have friends ride with you!
You will be getting 5 mods!
and 2 sports cars
I will break this up in a few days but this was the EASIEST way for now!
Have fun!
More mods will come!

lots! check the mods to know where what came from!


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posted Jun 2 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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There are 4 fence in the pack. Ao texture. Later, there are several types. Keep the original link.

Model: gamerhzs
Texture: gamerhzs


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posted Jun 2 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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a mod you can have DLC Heavy Cargo pack
i tast last version and work with me(
if it doesnt work with you,you should make a new profile and then you have heavy cargo pack

Download Link

posted Jun 1 in Trailers by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Pack of 12 skins for ford transit
Use with maximum priority to the ford transit mod.

edson teles, rc team, mundoets2

pack_de_skins_brasileiras_para_ford_transit.scs – 256.3 MB

posted Jun 1 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Chris45 Trailer Pack (Mostly UK Trailers) V9.05
Changelog: V9.05:

added steering axles to heavy haul trailers
added more heavy haulage cargos
added more flatbed cargos
added Variomax Heavy Haul Trailer

All Standalone Trailers, with option to replace default SCS trailer skins.
Mod Manager Ready
All Trailers Compatible with Advanced Coupling ETS2 V1.27
Works on all Maps

This Trailer Pack also includes all trailers from my previous packs, if you have any of my previous packs remove them from mod folder & use this file.

Download, Unpack with 7zip or winrar & place “Chris45 Trailers V9.05.scs” file in mod folder, activate in mod manager, best to put above other mods (if you have any).
If you want to replace default scs trailer skins, place the
Chris45 Replace Default Trailers.scs in mod folder as well.

You Must have DLC Scandanavia & DLC Going East installed for this mod to work.
Works with other Map Mods

NOTE: This Mod is compatible with ETS2 V1.27.2.3s

Note: Don’t take very long trailers on tunnel crossing from dover to calias, use ferry crossings instead, some trailers are too long for tunnel / train crossing.

Tested on ETS2 V1.27 & DLC France


Chris45, SCS Software, Roadhunter(kroax 4axle)

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posted May 31 in Trailers by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Goldhofer Heavy Cargo Pack
This is a small mod that replaces the textures of the game with those of Goldhofer. It also gives you the option to select the color of the trailer you want (Red, Blue, Yellow)
– Textures: Goldhofer
– Trailer: Selection
Following the above recommendations will help me continue to bring more and better content. Thank you…
Enjoy it


Goldhofer_Heavy_Cargo_Pack.scs – 550 KB

posted May 31 in Trailers by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Version 1.7 – added new bus Marcopolo Paradiso G7 1200 with over 100 skins.
Version 1.7.1 – fixed possible crash.
Pack adds in traffic vehicles for Brazilian maps.
Volkswagen Fox, Fusca, Gol’09, Kombi, Parati’02, Quantum, Santana, Saveiro’09, Voyage’09
Chevrolet Chevette SL/E, Monza ‘Tubarao’, Opala Diplomata SE, S10, Cruze, Celta
Fiat 147, Mille Fire, Palio Weekend, Strada
Ford Corcel, EcoSport, Escort, Ranger, Fusion
Honda Civic’07, Fit
Jeep Wrangler
Nissan D21, Frontier
Peugeot Hoggar Escapade
Renault Kangoo
Toyota Hilux
Volkswagen Constellation
Ford Cargo 2842
Scania 113H
Marcopolo Ideale 770, Paradiso G6 1800DD(6×2, 8×2), Paradiso GV 1150, Paradiso G7 1200
Busscar Jumbus 360
Irizar New Century
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Compatible with all my packs.
For version 1.27.x
Includes some skins from other South America countries.
For Brazil vehicles only on Brazil maps you must have in mod folder 2 files:
For Brazil vehicles everywhere only 1 file:


brazilian_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.7.1.7z – 151.3 MB

posted May 31 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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New Changelog version 76.0
Updated non power axle to power steer axle on all chassis 6×4 Taglift
Renamed all chassis 6×2 to 6×2*4
Renamed all chassis 6×2 Taglift to 6×2*4 Taglift
Renamed all chassis 8×4 to 8×4*4
Renamed all chassis 8×4 Taglift to 8×4*4 Taglift
Changelog: v75
Fixed front plate position on Volvo FH16 2012Added rear plate for all trucks (to make plate on cargo boxes work)
Added rear plate on all truck cargo boxes and removed old trucker plate from them.
Added Container long cargo box for all trucks and all chassis
Added Container short cargo box for all trucks and all chassis
Added Container trailer (You need to download it seperate)
Added rear bumper to profiliner cargo boxes, long and short
Added rear bumper collision boxes for all cargo boxes
Renamed all cargo coolliner models
Renamed some .mat files for all cargo boxes
Renamed cistern trailers (So if you use cistern trailers, you need to download the new cargo file as well)
Updated rear bumper on cistern cargo boxes and cistern trailer (Krone)
Updated rear lights on all coolliner trailers and cargo boxes
Updated texture,,, and files
Fixed collapsed collision boxes on several cargo boxes
Updated ALL Trailer mods
Updated ALL Skin mods
Trucks: Volvo FH16 2012 (+2 new cabins), Volvo FH16 09, Scania rcab 2009, Scania Streamline,
MAN TGX, DAF XF, DAF XF Euro6, Mercedes Benz 09, Mercedes Benz 14, Iveco Stralis,
Iveco Hiway, Renault Premium, Renault Magnum.
Chassis: 7 different, 4×2, 6×2, 6×2 taglift, 6×4, 6×4 taglift, 8×4, 8×4 taglift. (Total: 91 chassis)
Boxes: 16 different cargo boxes. 8 for 4×2 Chassis and 12 for all other chassis. (Total: 18)
Accessories for all chassis, spare tyres, extra tanks, extra battery, extra closet, painted or skined. (Total: 9)
Sideskirt: 4 different sideskirts for all chassis, one to use with closet and one in full length for each chassis. (Total: 52)
Exhaust: 13 exhaust pipes for ALL trucks chassis. (Total: 13)
Cargo files: Ready for WOTR (Total: 1623 cargo files)
Trailers: 15 different trailers. 2, 3 and 4 axles Coolliner, 2, 3 and 4 axles curtain with straps (Profiliner),
2, 3 and 4 axles curtain (Universal), 2 axles Painted Cistern, 2 axles Chrome Cistern trailer,
3 axles container +- Thermo King (Total: 15)
*This mod does only work in ETS2 1.27.x and up


dd_tandem_truck_pack.scs – 816.4 MB

posted May 31 in Trucks by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This mod adding 20 cargo
10 Steering Axles
Tested 1.6.x
The trailer is standalone
The trailer not in traffic
Compatible with all trailer packs

Enjoy the mod!

* Respect the download link *



posted May 31 in Trailers by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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– objects are set by the Giants Editor (6.0.3 or higher)
– objects are compatible with 15 FS,
– The models have no errors,
– Clipdistance is set to 300,
– After you download the file read “text”

Model: GoldFox
Texture: GoldFox
Idea / Concept: GoldFox
Testing: Artek23


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Download links:

posted May 31 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Mods réalisé par LEJOUEUR,
Pack Secours VSAV + FPT + VTUTP
Tous autre version sont FAKE ! la seul version de c’est mods sont Uploader du compte LejoueurDS compte Officiel.
Bon jeu a tous, toute modification de c’est mods et autoriser.
D’autre véhicules arriveront par la suite, concernant ce pack c’est une version BETA (pas fini).


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posted May 31 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Just all "Svapa Agro" storages (at time 17) in a retroPack.

The mod is 100% compatible with all our mods, is tested on standard maps of LS (on the screenshots "Sosnovka").
How it goes with other Mods / Maps, must be tested.

Modifications and additions in the mod are prohibited
Placement on other pages only with the original Downloadlink

Download Link

posted May 29 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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How come back! PixelsGameTextures comes back after very many queries. In PGT, we are pleased to welcome another Substance Designer to share the unique materials with the community. In these Com. Pack are already new materials for your 3D models. We'll be back soon.

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posted May 29 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Glad to present you:
- Man TGS 41480 - Truck 8x8
- ITRunnerBales - AutoLoad UAL
- ITRunner_Kaweco - Container
- ITRunner Forstedition Container Pack  

I will be very grateful if you will indicate the error in the comments .I will be also grateful for financial support
-Yandex Purse - 410011356294724
-WebMoney - R924550450702
-Qiwi - +79087815844

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posted May 29 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This pack contains two forks for round bales.
Single Forks - Price: 530 €
Max. working speed: Max. kph
Required power: 40 hp
Capacity: One round bale
Maintenance: 5 € / day
Double Forks - Price: 830 €
Max. working speed: Max. kph
Required power: 80 hp
Capacity: Two round bale
Maintenance: 10 € / day
Game Farming Simulator 17
Manufacturer MUŠIČ MENGEŠ
Category Tool
Author AS Agri
Size 3.57 MB
Released 29.05.2017
Platform PC/MAC

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posted May 29 in Implements by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This mod adds standalone engines to the game, It is works with most of your favourite trucks. It is compatible with SCS trucks and modded trucks such as RJL’s, MADSTER’s .etc
There is over 200 standalone engines made for some of the greatest European trucks and some American ones too. If you like powerful engines with some realism then why not check this mod out, It works perfectly and doesn’t require any mods to be enabled. If you would like to try out some of the older versions of this mod the

Changelog for V1.7.1
– Fixed bugs
– Added engines for the Renault Major
– Added a Euro 6 badge for the Scania Streamline engine
– Edited a few things to make the mod better

Trucks that are compatible with this mod :
– Daf XF 105 (SCS)
– Daf XF Euro 6 (SCS)
– Daf XF95
– Daf XT
– International 9800
– Iveco 19038
– Iveco Hiway (SCS)
– Iveco Stralis (SCS)
– Iveco Strator
– Man TGA
– Man TGS
– Man TGS Euro 6
– Man TGX (SCS)
– Man TGX Euro 6
– Man TGX 2010
– Mercedes Actros 2009 (SCS)
– Mercedes Actros MP2
– Mercedes Actros 2014 (SCS)
– Mercedes Antos 12
– Mercedes 1632
– Renault Magnum (SCS)
– Renault Integral
– Renault Premium (SCS)
– Renault Range T (RTA)
– Renault Range T (PMT)
– Scania R (SCS)
– Scania G Modifications
– Scania R OLD
– Scania 143M
– Scania R4 Series
– Scania RS
– Scania S730
– Scania Streamline (SCS)
– Scania T
– Scania illegal
– Scania T4 Series
– Scot A2
– Skoda Superb
– Sisu (RJL)
– Star 200
– Volvo VM 2015
– Volvo FH16 2009 (SCS)
– Volvo FH16 2012 (SCS)
– Volvo VNL
And much more !

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posted May 29 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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This mod adds new loading screens to the game, There are real trucks on the loading screens such as Renault, Scania, Iveco, Man, Mercedes etc. The reason I decided to make this mod is that the original loading screens are pretty boring so I changed them to real ones.

There are 27 new loading screens in this pack.

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posted May 29 in Others by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Requires higher priority in Mod Manager than:
– any map mods (e.g. ProMods, RusMap, etc.)
– any AI traffic mods (e.g. Jazzycat’s traffic packs)
– any AI traffic density/behavior mods (e.g. Piva’s traffic density mod)!


Reworked default quarry sound loop with high quality quarry sounds with more variety of ambience. [ETS2 edition]
Minor finetuning for external gravel sounds.
1 new BNSF train sound for train mover added to array. [ATS edition]
Added real engine sound for Zil 130 in AI traffic for Jazzycat’s Russian Traffic Pack. [ETS2 edition]
Decreased probability of hearing Renault Magnum open pipe engine sound for AI Traffic Renault Magnum’s. [ETS2 edition]
Applied more Renault Magnum engine sounds for more Renault Magnums in Jazzycat’s BDF Truck Traffic Pack. [ETS2 edition]


## 1. Tire / Tyre sounds

* Real interior + exterior tire sounds. Tires will resonate in the cab depending on how fast you are accelerating and what speed you are in, giving a feel for your sense of speed.
* Heavier gravel sounds on dirt/gravel roads.

## 2. Suspension sounds

* Light and medium impacts to suspension can trigger cabin squeaking and movement sounds of the cabin.
* Hard impacts can trigger key swinging sounds in interior view.

## 3. Gameplay / UI sounds

* “Late music” replaced with Nokia phone ringtone sound (volume of this sound depends on Music volume in the in-game Audio settings).
* “Bing bong” chime for train and ferry loading screen sounds.
* Reduced volume of garage door sound, adviser message sound and yawning sound.
* New quiet photo camera sound effect for screenshots.
* Quieter volume of PrePass weigh station signals in American Truck Simulator.

## 4. Fuel / Gas station sounds

* Retro/historic ding sound for while the fuel is pumping (circa 1960s to 1970s). The number of dings can help give you an idea on how much you refueled…
* Real fuel pump, fuel lid, door close, seat belt click and key insertion sound effects for after refueling to a full tank.

## 5. Interior sounds

* Real stick/switch/button sounds for: parking brake, hazard light, wiper stick, light switch and blinker / indicator / turn signal.
* Retarder sound changed to real retarder sound.
* Real rumblestrip sound.
* Lane-keeping (Driver Alert Support) alert sound if you drive on to the grass too fast (as per EU legal regulations).
* Lift axle sound now includes button press sound effect.
* At high speeds, wind will sound slightly faster.
* Mix of default amplified gear grinding sounds and new gear grinding sounds. Can be heard when you have damaged the transmission and/or gearbox.

## 6. Trailer sounds

* Real sound effects for trailer coupling + uncoupling.
* Included air brake hose deattachment sound when uncoupling.

## 7. AI Traffic sounds

* More refined generic AI traffic car sounds. Less buzz noise and more tire sounds and quiet engine sounds.
* AI traffic vehicles given new horn sounds. Depending on the patience of the driver, a short or long honk may be used.
* AI traffic trucks/buses given more variations of detailed sounds (may include turbo sounds, distinctive engine sounds, sounds of gear changes, etc.).
* Variety of engine sounds for several vehicles (e.g. motorbike sounds for motorbikes) in various AI Traffic mods and in stock trucks from the original game.
* You can hear the slight sound of vehicles overtaking you or passing by you in the oncoming lane.

## 8. Mover sounds

* Louder volume and reworked audio for a vast amount of moving objects including biplanes, trains (included train horns) etc.
* Enabled sound for a vast amount of movers that don’t originally come with sound (e.g. F22 jet fighters, ocean waves, tugboats, hot air balloons, you name it!).

## 9. Location based ambience

* Prefab (i.e. company and delivery point) soundscape enhanced for American Truck Simulator (includes both daytime and nighttime ambience such as cicadas and crickets).
* Suitable volumes and sounds of environmental ambience for various map mods.
* Some suitable sounds included for various companies and delivery points.


* ETS2 1.27.2 and ATS 1.6.1. No errors in game log. Must have high priority in Mod Manager.
* Compatible with all trucks, including truck mods.
* Does not replace individual truck sounds, so can be used with an unlimited amount of truck sound mods of your choice.
* Compatible with all maps.
* Supports compatibility with rain sound mods such as Realistic Weather Sound 1.7.7 (provides realistic thunder + rain sounds). Both can be enabled at the same time. Check the load order image included for more details.
* If using any of Grimes’ seasonal mods, place the seasonal mod with higher priority than the Sound Fixes Pack for a more accurate seasonal experience.
* If using winter mods, please enable Frosty Winter Weather Sound addon from Options folder of Sound Fixes Pack for winter sounds.
* Traffic density/behavior mods (in lower priority in Mod Manager) can enable realistic sound ranges plugin from Sound Fixes Pack by inserting this line into def/traffic_data.sii: @include “traffic_data_update.sui”


Wind or tire noise too loud? No problem. You can configure its volume using these developer commands. Syntax is as follows:

s_air_noise [value from 0.0 to 1.0] (default is 1)
s_wheel_noise [value from 0.0 to 1.0] (default is 1)

Download Link

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Version 3.7 – added new companies (Sertrans, Nagyapati Transz, Petrol Ofisi, Stragatrans, Rhonatrans, Skive Koletransport, Express Slovakia, Autotrasporti Umbria, Borusan Lojistik).
Pack adds in traffic truck+trailer combo with skins of 284 real companies.
All standalone.
Works on any maps.
Tested on 1.27.x
Compatible with all my packs.
Skins: TerRay, ScaniaLAD, IJ’s Mods, AJFV1998, Millsyb, Speedy66666, harry, Sky76, JE80, Trucker2011, KHAOS-XX, RCPHiL, S&S-Skinning, Fred_be, Woody, nportegies, Repin, BartvHam, Barttt, ThreeGlavModz, MaxLowe, Freddy Jimmink, Elitesquad Modz, Zoso, Bluemanc, stewowe, Toft-N, Sparrow, DHL, SISL, indian56, radar, Josiesomething, Oswald, Вячеслав_А, Rudy, steini, senator07, lucianandrei, 19vvv05, ryaskins, ed101, n.velickovic, Slenderhun, Futrzaczek99, Farmerbeavis, eskolaite, kriistof, ECdesign, Dragan007, Stephana Stephen and others.


painted_truck_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v3.7.7z – 264.0 MB

posted May 29 in Trucks by fs17eu (8,021 points)
This mod is not created by me. FS 17 mods site has indexed this mod, as Google does with websites. Credit and download link belong to the author. This website helps moders to promote their work.® By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. The materials contained in this web site are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.Copyright © 2014 by Nicolae POPESCU . All rights reserved.

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