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Fortschritt small baler K 454,
Trailer coupling can be faded in and out, ideal for single players, since you can couple a han hanger  There is a limiter installed, i. You should have a strong (PS) tractor, and then you can still only with max. 10 km / h presses ;-).
You can also move all the small balls with your hand and throw them into a truck.
Always unload the press before disengaging, otherwise it will fall backwards.
Only for & (All other platforms have stolen here). Does not support this Modklau and take the original DL. THANK YOU.
Credits: Devin / Mario, FreeRider (Thanks for the release).
Comments can be sent to me privately!
Have fun,

Script: Devin/Mario/DeutransPaule
Idee / Konzept: Devin/Mario/DeutransPaule
Tester: Ronny G.


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posted Apr 14 in Implements by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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since the zt unfortunately so had a few little quirks we decided an update to make.

have been fixed –
Driving behavior and collision of the car
real light from the stern

– new to the v2
purchasable front linkage and concrete Heckgewicht
Motortunnig (standard 210HP, Turbo PS 240, Twin Turbo 280PS)
Twin tires with wheel weight

Have fun with the “NEW” Your LS Sonderbautenteam.

Modell: LS-Sonderbauten
Textur: LS-Sonderbauten
Script: Giants
Tester: LS-Sonderbauten / AAG Sachsen

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posted Mar 29 in Tractors by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Progress ZT323 SB (articulated arm)
This ZT is a “special building (SB)” LS-specialstructures and it has never existed in real. It has all the FS17 standards and animated door, rear window and bonnet.

Modell: LS-Sonderbauten
Textur: LS-Sonderbauten
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept:
Tester: LS-Sonderbauten
Sonstige: LS-Sonderbauten

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posted Mar 21 in Tractors by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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Hello from the GT forged.
The ZT’s are off again.
The FS 17 is now up little more than 2 weeks on the market and the Modwünsche are hardly to handle.
In the forums, the demands on the allgeliebten mods from the LS15 already the everyday are.
To remedy this, I have decided to bring to ZT’s from LS15 in a basic version ever available to the public.
In Pack are the ZT 303 in red and blue and the ZT 403rd
All models are not converted, but was rebuilt as a standalone mods.
There are not yet all things from the LS 15’ner such as animated doors, etc. available.
But it will evolve.
I also need time to make the characteristics of the FS 17 to fathom and therefore once in a basic version.
Sound I have adjusted once after my possibilities.
Driving behavior adapted to the claims.
ZT 303 100 HP / PS 30 KMH quickly
ZT 403 180 HP / PS 40 KMH quickly
Engine parts are animated (doors, hood and roof) will follow
They contaminate partially and are washable.
Tire ruts and dust are present.
Yes that’s it for now.
Before here again one has any complaints, it’s built my mod and for me.
I want you to be happy to participate in these matters.
But have no desire here to win a Supermodkontest.
They are as they are and if I would like, then I will continuously improve.
Now once they run without errors and have no Logfehler. At least not with me.
The Zip is to unpack and then the individual’s zip in the Modsordner.
Have a nice greeting from the GT forged and hopefully a lot of fun with my things.
Get juch fuchtich.
Tatra 148 from the GT forged.

Tatra 148
LudmillPower( Sound ZT 303 )

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posted Nov 15, 2016 in Tractors by florin (1,128 points)
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