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With today’s update we introduce fertilizer to CnC. We start with the slurry tank wagon Stapel VT 18000, which allows you to gather, transport and spread slurry.
We’re going to further improve the aspect of fertilizing. For example, we’re going to adjust terrain textures and the water level, simulate the filling process in more detail (like manual attaching and handling of the hose at the sewage treatment plant), the exact effect of the fertilizer on the soil and of course a set of new wheels for the slurry wagon.

NEW: Slurry tank wagon Stapel VT 18000 incl. 15m spreader added
NEW: Visible wetness when fertilizing
NEW: Dust on machines can now be deactivated in the graphic options menu
NEW: Night-time illumination for the village, buildings and lanterns added
NEW: Attacher type: 4-point hitch, e.g. for the rear of the slurry wagon
NEW: Sewage treatment plant added
NEW: Visible hose attachment when loading and unloading objects (slurry wagon, sewage treatment plant) added
NEW: CabControl with sliders, e.g. for adjustable mirrors

BUG FIX: Some problems that occurred during saving have been fixed: saving imminent tasks, attacher bug (sometimes machines were attached to the wrong coupler)
BUG FIX: Pack file bug fixed, XML files weren’t always loaded correctly from the Data system
BUG FIX: The bug in which the employee keeps on working after his task has been canceled has been fixed
BUG FIX: the player character no longer runs backwards too fast
BUG FIX: Player character now casts a shadow
BUG FIX: “You can’t work on this field” isn’t displayed permanently anymore when staying on the edge of a field
BUG FIX: Tasks for employees which are supposed to start “now” are actually being started “now”
BUG FIX: Action camera (drive by) is working now
BUG FIX: The particle system of the plow was displayed wrongly when simultaneously working with two plows
BUG FIX: Attaching/detaching of implements at/from another implement
BUG FIX: User actions: vehicle boxes are not minimized/maximized simultaneously any more when pressing CTRL
BUG FIX: Better AI behaviour in road traffic
BUG FIX: Vehicles which are operated by the AI now always display a driver character
BUG FIX: The Lemken plow now rotates correctly when controlled by the AI
BUG FIX: AI controlled vehicles now always have a driver character
BUG FIX: Acceleration and brake axis aren’t switched anymore when using an analog game controller in the MB Trac

CHANGE: Wind and weather controller as well as control of all the sky parameters have been reworked, e.g. wind direction and force. Clouds now move faster when fast forwarding
CHANGE: “GetReadyForTransport” – employees now put their vehicles into transport mode before entering road traffic (folding and shutting off of machinery etc.)
CHANGE: Attacher angle limits have been reworked and fixed
CHANGE: Digital signature added to the launcher, the problem with anti virus scanners should be fixed when installing launcher and CnC
CHANGE: vehicle performance optimized (CPU bottleneck fixed)

Mit dem heutigen Update führen wir den Wirtschaftsdünger ein. Hierfür fangen wir dem Gülleverteilfass Stapel VT 18000 an, mit dem ihr Dünger aufnehmen, transportieren und ausbringen könnt.
Den Bereich der Düngung werden wir noch weiter ausbauen. Hier werden wir z.B. Terraintexturen und den Wasserpegel anpassen, den Betankungsvorgang genauer simulieren (wie manuelles Ankuppeln und Bedienen des Schlauchs am Klärwerk), den genauen Einfluss des Düngers auf den Boden erweitern, und natürlich auch dem Fass neue Reifen verpassen.

NEU: Gülleverteilfass Stapel VT 18000 inkl. 15m-Ausbringer hinzugefügt
NEU: Sichtbare Feuchtigkeit (Pfützen) durch Gülle
NEU: Der Staub an Maschinen kann über die Grafikoptionen deaktiviert werden
NEU: Nachtbeleuchtung für das Dorf, Gebäude und Laternen wurde hinzugefügt
NEU: Attacher-Typ: 4-Punkt Hydraulik, z.B. für das Heck des Stapel-Fasses
NEU: Klärwerk wurde hinzugefügt
NEU: Sichtbarer Schlauchanschluss beim be- und entladen an Objekten (Güllefass, Klärwerk) wurde hinzugefügt
NEU: CabControl mit Slidern, z.B. für verstellbare Spiegel

BUG FIX: Einige Probleme die beim Speichern auftraten wurden behoben: Zukünftige Tasks speichern, Attacher Bug (manchmal wurden Anbaugeräte an die falsche Kupplung gehängt)
BUG FIX: Pack-Dateien-Bug behoben, XML-Dateien wurden nicht immer korrekt aus dem Dateisystem geladen
BUG FIX: Der Bug bei dem der Helfer nach Abbruch des Auftrags trotzdem weiter arbeitet wurde behoben
BUG FIX: Der Bug dass der Player-Character zu schnell rückwärts läuft wurde behoben
BUG FIX: Player-Charakter wirft jetzt einen Schatten
BUG FIX: “Du kannst auf diesem Feld nicht arbeiten” wird nicht mehr permanent eingeblendet wenn man sich am Feldrand befindet
BUG FIX: Helfer-Tasks die “sofort” gestartet werden sollen, werden jetzt auch “sofort” gestartet
BUG FIX: Action-Kamera (drive-by) funktioniert jetzt
BUG FIX: Partikelsystem des Pflugs wurde falsch angezeigt, wenn man mit zwei Pflügen gleichzeitig arbeitet
BUG FIX: Attachen/Detachen von Anbaugeräten an Anbaugeräten
BUG FIX: User-Actions: Vehicle boxes werden bei gedrückter STRG-Taste nicht mehr gleichzeitig zusammen ein-/ausgeklappt
BUG FIX: Die KI verhält sich im besser im Straßenverkehr
BUG FIX: Bei KI-gesteuerten Fahrzeugen werden nun immer Fahrer angezeigt
BUG FIX: Der Lemken Pflug rotiert korrekt, wenn er von einem Helfer gesteuert wird
BUG FIX: In KI-gesteuerten Fahrzeugen sitzt jetzt immer ein Fahrer am Steuer
BUG FIX: Gas- und Bremsachsen bei Rückfahreinrichtung nicht mehr vertauscht wenn ein analoger Gamecontroller benutzt wird

ÄNDERUNG: Wind- und Wetter-Controller sowie Steuerung aller Sky-Parameter wurden überarbeitet, z.B. Windrichtung und -stärke. Beim Vorspulen der Zeit bewegen sich jetzt auch die Wolken schneller
ÄNDERUNG: “GetReadyForTransport” – Helfer machen sich jetzt vor jeder Straßenfahrt transportbereit (Geräte einklappen, ausschalten usw.)
ÄNDERUNG: Attacher-Winkel-Limits überarbeitet und gefixt
ÄNDERUNG: Digitale Signierung im Launcher hinzugefügt, Probleme mit Antivirenscannern sollten bei der Installation von Launcher und CnC behoben sein
ÄNDERUNG: Fahrzeug Performance CPU-seitig stark optimiert

Cattle and Crops


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Reddit user NeetoPp posted an image of a PlayStation 2 game box for GTA 6 that was found in Brazil.
Source: NeetoPp/Reddit

Yes, that’s an image of Summer Glau from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. No, that is not actually the highly anticipated sixth entry in the GTA series. We’re going to assume that game won’t come out for PS2 and won’t use promotional art from a short-lived TV series.

Also, please note the Roman numeral V with a banner that says “SIX” lazily placed over it next to the number 6. That’s not how numbers work at all.

It’s unclear what happens when the disc is put into a PS2, but the comments in the Reddit thread speculate that it’s just a modified version of GTA: San Andreas. Bootlegged versions of games with weird modifications can occasionally be found in certain parts of the world.

So in truth, GTA 6 doesn’t actually exist yet. If you want to make your way to Brazil and track this game down, we won’t stop you, but please know that you won’t be getting the game it claims to be.

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Sale in showroom RENAULT.
From heavy haul to linehaul, the Mack Pinnacle is the ideal workhorse to get it all done. This mod comes packed with features that can best suit
the needs of you as the driver. This mod combines the legendary power and reliability with modern technology and an aerodynamic design. The result is a
workhorse ready to take on any job while making every drop of fuel count.
Here’s what’s inside:
-Full Sleeper
-Midroof Sleeper
-Flat Top Sleeper
Chassis options range from the city-popular 4?2 to an 8?4 to meet weight requirements. Also has two variants of the the 6?2-4.
Has its own interior for each cab variant!
Has its own sounds! (did some personal recording at the dealership along with combined SCS sounds)
Has its own template!
Here’s what to know…
Some new updates for Version 2.
-Lots of interior fixes (wipers work too!)
-Sound tweaks
-Improvements to chassis and cabin model
-Lightmask improvements
-Fixed collisions
-Template remains unchanged
-Exterior wipers still don’t wanna cooperate -_-
-Added some additional accessories (it has a freakin’ GPS)
-Fixed that pesky wheel issue when selecting accessories and wheels go back to default
-Cash this truck in truck browser, howbout dah?
Updates as of Version 2.5
-Re-made the emissions components for a better look
-Fuel tank cap wasn’t at the end of the tank, fixed that for added realism
-Added another variant of the sideskirt
-Short exhaust stack for daycab
-Improved driver plates
-Fixed missing license plates for the bumper
It’s only fair to share…

Sib3rius – Conversion, AO Bake, Rigging, Animations, Overall Assembly Corby – Extreme Trucker parts Bora – Volvo Parts off Volvo VNL670 Superman – Sleepers, Overall Assembly, Various Parts V2obert – Engines and Transmissions A.Sneed – Textures, add-ons Deven – Skins! Dcving – Headache racks Mack Trucks – Description TEC Leasing (big thanks!) Solaris36 – License Plates.

Mack_Pinnacle_v2.5_v1.27.x.7z – 141.9 MB

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GTA 5 was launched in September, 2013 and since than it became the fastest selling video game. After this success full launch, Rockstar is looking forward for its next verion i.e Grand Theft Auto 6. Recent concern of the fans is about its release date which is rumored in 2017.

GTA 6 Release Date

Talking about the release date, here comes the other news about GTA 5. According to the recent post of Hayssam Keilany a developer and technical artist on the Facebook, confirms that Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch for PC on January 27, 2015. So, this GTA 5 PC launch news indicates that GTA 6 release date will take quite a long time as this year Rockstar will likely to focus on GTA for PC version.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is also rumored a lot about its locations. A recent post on talks about the UK based location. The post says about the game to be set in London where a lot of stories can be told about UK. While later in the post, they also says about various other rumored location for GTA 6 such as Vice City or Houston.

Other rumors about GTA 6 circulating in the market is about the female protagonist or change in the arena where game will be taken back to 90’s.GTA 5 received the Game of the Year award at the 2013 Golden Joystick Awards. Following the same legacy for GTA 6, fans expectations are increasing day by day.

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Eagerness for GTA 6 is just going to burst out, as here comes another rumor which says that GTA 6 release date is June 2017 with title “Return to Vice City”.

GTA 6 Release Date Rumors

This rumor claims that confirmed release date for GTA 6 will be June 2017. While speculations about GTA 6 release date is increased by a video on YouTube, which says that GTA 6 was going to release on the last month E3 conference but now the video has been removed from YouTube, whatever the reason may be but that video has done its work.

However, there is no direct confirmation from Rockstar Games for a release date of GTA 6. At present, Rockstar is working hard on GTA 5 to release for PC, PS4 and Xbox One this fall. So its too early for Rockstar to announce GTA 6 when GTA 5 has not been available for all platform. The source must be idiot writing imaginary news just to be in the news.

The Company is just focused on the GTA 5 online as recently it has introduced the new DLC named “I am not a Hipster”. It basically includes seven new rides that will bring more adventures and weapons such as Vintage Pistol and Antique Cavalry Dagger.

The Company is also going to launch GTA 5 for the next-generation system. It sounds very interesting as, if GTA 5 is launched for new generation systems, then it will have terrific graphics with improved control and players’ enjoyment will be doubled.

Next-generation system game will also have a feature of swiftly switching over the next version as game saved on PS3 will resume on the PS4 & similarly for Xbox versions.

So, all these rumors just confirm that though Rockstar is silent on GTA 6 but in the background it keeps on doing its work. Hence stay connected for more updates on GTA 6.

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Early access in March 2017...

We just pre-order it... We support the development.

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Only 30 days left to Farming Simulator 17 release.
Who can’t wait to get it?

posted Sep 25, 2016 in Tractors by fs17eu (8,021 points)
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