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The Pack consist of:
– Krone Big X 1100 Harvester
– Krone X Disc 6200
– Krone Easy Collect 1053
– Krone Easy Flow
– Krone Header Trailer
– Krone Big X Cargo
– MAN TGX 18.540 8×8 Truck
– Bergmann Trailer


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Tested On
have good time

KAPTAN362, Mahirbey

Man_33440_MahirBey.rar – 25081463

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acessa video pra dar views vlw
Só converte pro 17


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Upgrade to version 6.5
For game version 1.27.XX
Key changes: new and updated cities and roads, support to run the game in DirectX and OpenGL
Full list of changes:
•Adaptation and technical improvement
-Support game version 1.27
-Game support for DirectX and OpenGL
-Improved performance
•The game world
-Added new locations, such as Nevinnomyssk, Kanevskaya, Semikarakorsk, Saranovskoe, Smolensk
-Added road Р268 Timashevsk-Starominskaya, Р251 Ust-Labinsk-Kropotkin, Smolenskaya-Saranovskoe-Highway M4″don”
-Added new forest roads to the plots
-Completely redesigned the city of Tikhoretsk and the section of highway Р217(M29″Caucasus”) Tikhoretsk-Kropotkin
-Reworked a lot of roads with the use of new assets with asphalt HD, Russian road markings
-Added and changed some fork in the road, they are shown to their real world counterparts
-Improved such settlements as Tuapse, Krasnodar, Timashevsk, Novorossiysk, Adler, etc.
-Blocking a dead-end road crosses and arrows replaced
-Other cosmetic changes
•AI Traffic
-More agricultural vehicles on the road, passing farm lands
-Improved rail traffic: trains changed the physics, added a horn and a whistle for locomotives, shunting trains added, increased the diversity of locomotives and cars, reduced frequency of trains.
-Revised the density of traffic on all local roads
Compatibility: 2.16 map ProMods, RusMap map 1.7.2, paki traffic from Jazzycat. Compatibility with other cards not tested.
If You have no DLC “Vive la France”, download and install the FIX . ATTENTION! This fix does not provide You access to the territories of France from the Supplement, but only gives the opportunity to play with modifications to require this addition. The location of the fix in the list of active modifications does not matter.
If You have a weak PC, then download and install the Addon , it will reduce the range of rendering hi-poly models of vegetation, which will provide a performance increase(higher FPS). In the list of active modifications of this addon needs is ABOVE all connected modifications.

No France
Low PC

Simka – 500.0 MB – 500.0 MB – 500.0 MB – 500.0 MB – 500.0 MB – 234.0 MB

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Tırsan Trailer
Liftable Aks
There are mistakes v2 will come
Edit Free

By.joaoppg, aBDuLLaH,Yunus Aman

T__rsanTrailer.rar – 11.6 MB

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READ THIS: In this video, if you see the truck jumping over the place, is because I activate the Suspension on the Viper Peterbilt 389 Chassis folder.

If you want to do something like that to you, give me the Truck link that you use the most and tell me what type of suspension you want, and I will do it.

***Can take I while.***

Hi guys, This physics change the transmission feel and suspension.

#For the transmission:

– The only thing is change is the clutch friction are decrease (was 065.0 now at 5.0) For Manual H shifter only.

– I also changed something about the torque that when you decrease the value, the torque of your truck will changed.
– For exemple, if you have 2500lb of torque, changing this value qill not be the same, So what I did is put it back to 1.0.
– so you have the 100% of the torque number and change it for the Scaling of the Flywheel.
– The more heavier the flywheel is the more the RPM will drop slower.
– Like a stock flywheel than a Aftermarket lightweight flywheel. (Car related)

– For the Sequential and Automatics mode is still in Work in Progress.
– Value are not stock, So you might seen some change.
– Trying to make the transmission change smoother

#For suspension:

– Now the trailer and truck can roll and pitch seperatly at 30 degress at both direction.
– What it mean is if the truck roll on a bump. The truck will roll itself only and not the trailer and the truck.
– The trailer will stay at his normal position (can pitch or roll so take care)

– The suspension are little bit softer than stock physics.
– That mean that the truck will rebounce when going on a bump (No to much much than last time)
– That give it a little bit of realistics.

– Now you see the truck shake in the cabin when you go over a bump or something else

#Other Physics

– I also change the Mass of the truck and wheels.
– The Truck Mass was 2300 now is 1800
– The wheel mass of the truck wass 200 now at 300.
– Now the tire can slip. That mean the truck can understeer or oversteer.

– Still in WIP !

The goal is that I want to make the “worst” physics to a “real feel” physics, I never drive a real truck in real life, but I can make it from Youtube Video.

Recommended to use with a steering wheel and clutch pedal, but you can use this mod with other controlers !

I can update the mod for you if you want !

Any bug or question ? Just tell me on Facebook:



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This mod will add to ETS2 very beautiful sports cars from the game Asphalt 8, diversifies and revitalizes the game.
Corrected to the latest version of the game and remade the traffic.
Sports cars:
Acura NSX ’06
Arrinera Hussarya ’15
Audi R8 e-tron Typ 42 ’13; Audi R8 LMS Ultra; Audi RS3 Sportback Typ 8PA ’11; Audi RS4 Avant B8 Typ 8K ’13; Audi S4 B8 Typ 8K ’13
Bentley Continental GT V8 ’12
BMW M1; BMW M3 Sedan F30 ’15; BMW M6
Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse ’12
Cadillac CTS-V Coupe Race Car; Cadillac XTS
Chevrolet Camaro GS Mk.V ’10; Chevrolet Corvette C7
Chrysler ME Four-Twelve ’04
Citroen Survolt ’10
Dodge Challenger SRT8 ’13; Dodge Dart GT
Felino cB7 ’14
Ferarri FXX; Ferrari 308 GTS ’75; Ferrari F12 berlinetta ’12; Ferrari LaFerrari ’14
Ford F-150; Ford Mustang GT ’15
Geely GC9
GTA Spano ’14
Hennessey Venom GT ’12
HTT Plethore LC-750
Infiniti FX50 S51
Jaguar C-X75; Jaguar F-Type ’14
Koenigsegg Agera R ’12; Koenigsegg One: 1 ’14
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4; Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary ’88; Lamborghini Miura P400 ’67; Lamborghini Sesto Elemento ’10; Lamborghini Urus ’12; Lamborgini Veneno ’13
Lotus Evora Enduro GT ’11
Lucra L148 ’15
Lykan HyperSport
Marussia B2
Maserati GranTurismo Sport ’12; McLaren 12C Spider ’13
Mercedes-Benz BIOME ’10; Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow; Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive ’13; Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Final Edition C197
Nissan 370Z Z34 ’10; Nissan GT-R NISMO R35 ’15; Nissan GT-R R35 ’10
Onuk Sazan
Pagani Zonda R Evo ’12
Peugeot Onyx ’12
Porsche 9FF GT9 VMAX
Renault DeZir ’10
Savage Rivale Roadyacht GTS ’12
Spada Vetture Sport Codatronca TSS
SSC Tuatara; SSC Ultimate Aero XT
Tesla Model S
Volkswagen Golf Design Vision GTI
The intensity of traffic for rare cars has been changed.
All cars are autonomous, they work on any maps.

alkonavt96 Correction to the latest version of the game and conversion of traffic: hsolo5978

Asphalt8_traffic_pack_FINAL.7z – 129.2 MB

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– AO
– Standalone
– Wheels
– Lightmask
– Addaptation for 1.25.x – 1.26.x – 1.27.x

ExCrimea, jekich1, alexart, pawel, ventyres, iskren

Schmitz_Cleany.rar – 32.9 MB

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An other version of schmitz trailer.
-Addapted for 1.25.x – 1.26.x – 1.27.x

ExCrimea, jekich1, alexart, pawel, ventyres, iskren, AVM Tomas

Euro_leasing.rar – 31.8 MB

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Enhanced Driving Experience v1.6.2 for Ets2 1.27.x
(Updated 17.May.2017)
*EDXP is the acronym for “Enhanced Driving Experience”.
This is a little mod package that I originally made for myself in order to make the driving experience
AND the in-game experience a little more “realistic”. It contains several modifications to definitions and sounds.
It has remained private for several versions of ETS2…until now.
Here is an outline of what has changed:
– Vehicles
– All AI cars, trucks, and buses have realistic engine torque and top speed.
– For every car, engine torque has been carefully researched. Each car will accelerate differently.
– Top speed for every car varies according to their tire specifications based on research from the Tire Rack website.
– Top speed for every truck is 90 km/h. They have been at their correct setting ever since, but I included them anyway to be sure.
– Trucks pulling some oversized loads will travel at 70 km/h.
– Top speed for the TEMSA Opalin is 100 km/h. This bus also has been at the correct setting.
– In traffic, there are more variety of trailers (empty and loaded).
– World
– Traffic signals have longer and realistic timings, but not to a point where you have to wait for more than 2-3 minutes to cross a major intersection…unless you’re in the left lane full of cars trying to turn left.
– Green light interval is 20 seconds.
– Amber (yellow) light interval is 3 seconds.
– 5-second delay interval between signals.
– Every signal is disabled from 23:00 to 05:00.
– AI
– Car, truck, and train sounds are emitted based on brand and engine specifications.
– Example: If you see an AI Scania with a V8 badge, you’ll hear the actual V8 sound as it drives past.
– Buses utilize a specific diesel sound.
– Tire noises have been added to all AI vehicles.
– Horn sounds for both cars and trucks have changed…even though 95% of the time the
AI doesn’t sound the horn, unless you intentionally stop your truck in the middle of the road.
– Environment
– Bad Spring/Summer/Fall Weather
– Rainfall is slightly louder, noticeable during heavy precipitation.
– Feel Thor’s power through your speakers with better thunder sounds!
– Bad Winter Weather
– When it is snowing, all you can hear is the sound of air (wind).
– Mover
– Sounds have been added to various movers such as flags, hot air balloons, and commercial airliners.
Updated versions:
17 MAY 2017 (1.6.2)
– Fixed more CTDs. Any more? I’m ready to kill the last flags standing!
14 MAY 2017 (1.6.1)
– Fixed crash to desktop
– Truck traffic pulling the following cargo on low beds will be limited to 70 km/h
– Excavator
– 10% chance of 70 km/h truck traffic spawning
– Controlled by modifying country definitions
– Countries from base content, map DLCs, and ProMods+RusMap are supported
– Other countries will have spawn probabilities set to default (100%). Totally unrealistic, but you can make them realistic with some coding experience!
17 APR 2017 (1.6.0)
– Compatibility update for version 1.27
– Upgraded Citroen 2CV engine to a 602cc specification.
– Added some missing sounds to movers
– Tweaked traffic signal timings
– Added a new profile for Sweden
– Features a 1.5-second red-amber time before green
– Changed profile for Norway
– Utilizes the same profile as Germany (1-second red-amber time before green)
– Delay interval between other signals increased by 1 second (now 5-second delay), ALL SIGNALS.
– When driving on a priority road, signal should display green light coming out of sleep mode (originally red, which usually causes more red light penalties), ALL SIGNALS.
– Flashing amber light speed increased, ALL SIGNALS.


B73FLY_20170517_EnhancedDrivingExperienceEU.rar – 5.4 MB

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Fire trucks in traffic (with siren and flashing lights) 1.27.x
Traffic – 1.4

alkonavt96 Editorial: JL Truck, hsolo5978

traffic_bombeiros.rar – 3.5 MB

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Before you car and a real rarity — Dumont! The South American Hot-rod edition 1959-60s years. Hot rod (eng. hot rod) — the car is originally American, with serious modifications, designed to achieve the highest possible speed. Most likely it is converting models from the game: GTA 4 Traffic – 1.6

The fix to the latest version of the game, and alteration of traffic: hsolo5978

dumont_47.rar – 7.4 MB

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This mod activates the chassis 6 x 2 and 6 x 4 rigid of the mp4 has accessories and containers can not hook any trailer (modify basic chassis of the game to assert it).


Download Link

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Heavy Physics for ETS2
test: 1.27
Braking distance increase
Acceleration reduction
Reduced spring stiffness


Heavy_physics.rar – 59 KB

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It seems that many people wanted this great mod without the v8 sound.
Here you go!
Tested and works 1.27.

weeda + TanTan99

scania_g400_v2__no_v8_sound_.scs – 61.0 MB

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MAN TGX 8×4 10×4 ETS2 1.27.2.x 14.05.2017
Version 8.2
– some error delete
Version 8
– ETS2 1.25.x.x ready
– with Advanced Coupling
– Ulferts Skin + Template
what is new on V7.0
– 10×4 Chassi
– some game_log warnings and errors
DLC Cabin Accessories ready
Heavy Tuning
-3x Stoneprotect ( in sunshild )
-4x Heavy Cargo Child ( Convoi )
-5x back Mudflaps ( in exhaust_r )
-3x front Mudflags ( in b_grill )
-DLC Heavy Cargo Paints ready
-TGX Lightuning
-Highpipe ( in exhaust_l )
-sideskirts for 8×4
-sidelights for 8×4
-lift axes
-.scs and pmg open
-xxl Cabin without Spoiler
-Kelsa Highboard
-TGS Bumper for 8×4 chassis
-TGX Bumper for 8×4 chassis

Roadhunter, 50keda, TC Megamod, GT-Mods, GT-Mike, SCS Software

ets2_1.27.2.x_MAN_TGX_8x4_v8.2.rar – 21.0 MB

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Big Stars – Actros/Arocs SLT v1.4.2 for Ets2 1.27.x game version
*Updated Big Stars to v1.4.2
– Reworked Advanced Trailer Coupling
– Added slots for 6 basic flashers
– Fixed company skins
Steam version not available yet.
If you use steam and want 1.4.2 anyway, you can download the temporary update package 1.4.1 to .1.4.2
Activate it in the game with higher priority than Big Stars.
After Big Stars has been updated on steam, you can just deactivate and delete the temporary package.


Big_Stars.scs – 127.8 MB

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VOLVO FH MK1 (FH12 & FH16)
Tested on: ETS2 1.27.x.
Adaptation to ETS2 1.27.x.
Few corrections in 3D model.
Fixed beacon lights.
Fixed some shadows.
Fixed fuel and air pressure indicators.
Lightened model (More FPS).
Lightened mirrors (More FPS).
And some things I’m sure to forget ….
Clean gamelog. No warnings.
SiSL Megapack addon available.
Enjoy this.

CyrusTheVirus, Inmen, Domas225, Pawel92, maPriv, Mar3krugel, Justin, Sergey Sergeyev, Seraoki, Pirs, Volk86, Stels, Vinzel, Axeet, Rimuus, Skorp86, IvanK, Andriuxa56, The4Farming, Solaris36, Taina95, Zeus, Dron4ik194, Vasco, Tasos978, ComandoreOne, Ogneevenko, ILyhaSedioshkin, Ventyres, Maksim Ogneevenko, Denis Filimovov, Rimuus, Kamz, Robertas14, Balkanboy, Antique, Kriechbaum.

Volvo_FH_MK1_1.27.x_by_CyrusTheVirus.scs – 83.2 MB

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This mod adds compatibility on Volvo FH Mk1 1.27.x with:
SiSL Megapack v2.5.
SCS DLC’S Cabin accessories.
SCS DLC’S Pirates (only cabin accessories).
SCS DLC’S Country flags.
Enjoy this.

CyrusTheVirus, SiSL, SCS Software.

Volvo_FH_MK1_1.27.x_by_CyrusTheVirus_DLCS_compatib… – 2.3 MB

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buy the volvo shop
chassi 4×2 mechanical horse
8×2 rigid chassis with body
motor sound

Tovar (Sergey Lunin).

Volvo_FH_12-16_I_Generation.rar – 524.2 MB

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